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"Converse"ations with Meg

The Power of Shoes

You may or may not have figured this out by now but shoes are my THANG, hence the converse portion of our show. I am fully convinced that shoes have power. They can make or break an outfit. Shoes themselves have the ability to take an outfit from casual to dressy, from fun to flirty, from athletic to sassy. Shoes have the power to get you up and motivated in the morning. Hate working out? Get some fun workout shoes and you will be so thrilled to wear them, you will hit the pavement or gym. By the time the “new” has worn off, you’ll be in that workout routine. Don’t feel like going to work? Pair an outfit with a different pair of shoes, something cute and sassy and work the room, but brace yourself for the “oh those shoes are precious with that outfit!” or “I wish I could rock that look!!” comments coming your way.

I guess maybe shoes aren’t really magic, but any little motivation can help and for me, it’s shoes! So pair those Converse with a dress and cardigan, throw that hair in a high ponytail and rock those Nikes, be an athlete! Let your own personal style motivate you, and convince others that shoes really do have power!

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