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Finally It's Christmas

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There are moments in your childhood that stand out vividly, as crystal clear as a photograph. This is one of mine!

Picture it…Hattiesburg…1997 (Who doesn’t love the Golden Girls?) One Saturday morning my mother woke me up super early, actually, it was probably 9 AM but I thought it was so early. She wanted me to see these cute boys on TV singing this fun song. It was Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson singing Mmmbop! It took me to the first “ba duba dop” to be hooked. After that I bought ever album (both cassette and CD), I covered my walls with their faces and wore shirts with their logo. I was part of the fan club and ate Eggos for a year because they were on the box. I don’t even like freaking waffles! I recorded all their TV specials on VHS and made my family listen to every song ad nauseam.

As if that wasn’t enough for my poor family to bear, my 11-year-old self quickly decided that the Lord obviously meant for me to be Mrs. Taylor Hanson because my heart fluttered every time I saw him. I would scream, squeal and giggle every time I had the chance. I may have even cried…I’d have to check.

Then, in November of that year two of my favorite things combined when Hanson released their Christmas album, Snowed In and let me tell you, this south Mississippi girl has been “snowed in” ever since. Over the last 20 years that CD has been played to the point of breaking. Sometimes I even pull it out in the summer just to remind myself of the joys of Christmas and cooler weather.

Now, I hold in my hand something 20 years in the making, “It’s Finally Christmas”, their new album and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve only listened to it once and I’m already finding favorites. What is it about Christmas music that brings such joy? So, if you’re looking for me I’ll be cruising with both my tunes and the AC cranked up!

Snowed In (Amazon Music)

Finally It's Christmas (Amazon Music)

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