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How Much Do You Weight?

"How much do you weigh?" Did that question just give you a little punch in the gut? (Ha, me too!) While weight is a very important factor, it is not the ONLY factor we have to measure our success with our health journeys.

This morning, while getting ready, I tried on a pair of jeans that are a size smaller than what I have been wearing and my goodness gracious, THEY FIT! (Praise be!) The ones I had been wearing were doing that saggy booty thing, or I would have to pull them up throughout the day but I did not think this size would fit yet, why? Because I have only lost 2.5 pounds on the scale.

I will say it again for those in the back, 2.5 pounds. How on earth can you drop a jeans size with only 2.5 pounds lost? I will tell you how, cardio and weight training combined. By eating healthier, and working out consistently with weights and doing cardio, inches are falling off and my body composition is changing.

I say this to say, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT get discouraged and caught up with that number on the scale. Use it to measure how you are doing, but do not let that be your only factor in your health journey. Take measurements, take pictures to compare, just keep being consistent and I promise, things will change!

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