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New Year, New Books #14: When Wallflowers Dance by Angela Thomas

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I remember seeing this book YEARS ago when it first came into the church library and thinking, “That is exactly what I need to read because I didn’t know us wallflowers were allowed to dance.” After reading Thomas’ book I wish I had picked it up those many years ago because it deals with a topic I think all women struggle with at some point...Being confident in the midst of the unknown and living not just existing in your life.

Thomas uses her personal testimony and hard learned lessons to deal with depression, divorce, single parenting, longing for love, uncertainty and being what she calls an “un-woman” or a woman who has ceased living life. She unravels the methods Satan uses to specifically target the heart of a woman and how easy it becomes to believe those lies in spite of knowing better. Thomas also points out that it is okay to not be okay. So many women spend everyday trying to hold it together and be strong for all those around her when she is crumbling on the inside. As she says, “I tried to be strong because I thought it was required, but I have finally heard God say, ‘You have My permission to need love, to need healing, to need laughter, to need Me.’”

Out of that darkness and understanding she examines how in the eyes of the Heavenly Father we are not only allowed to come out of the shadows but are invited to dance in the arms of a loving God finding freedom in the midst of chaos. She dives into how living a Holy Spirit filled life can revolutionize your day-to-day living by not only giving you direction but a counselor, friend, intercessor and companion. This isn’t a quick fix book with all the answers to untangle your mess but rather a step towards discipleship that provides very practical applications on how to step into the light and live as the woman God created you to be.

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