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"Converse"ations with Meg


“Conceited-excessively proud of oneself”

“Self-Worth-confident in one’s own worth or abilities”

I feel like a lot of times, we are told if we have self-worth, we are conceited, but I stand firm on the idea that is NOT true. Self-worth is something that women especially struggle so hard with. We often find our worth tied into our relationship status, or our jeans size, maybe our hair style or color, or even the brands of what we own. It is so important for us to look inward and find the reality of our self-worth. It is ok to take selfies and feel good about them, it’s ok to look at ourselves in a new outfit and think “man, I’m killing it today!” It’s ok to feel good about ourselves and celebrate that! I firmly believe, we can’t expect someone to see our value, our worth, or our beauty until we see that in ourselves. So, take and post those selfies, be proud of who you are and what you have to offer the world! Nobody was created like you, the God of the universe felt the world needed one of you, celebrate that, and don’t give a second thought to being conceited!

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