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To Be Prayed Over

Sometimes life is overwhelming and just hard. It is not always one thing, it can be just little, small things that add up, and in the words of Angelica Schuyler “The moments when you’re in so deep, it’s easier to just swim down” sometimes fit. With school starting back in this crazy, Covid time, I have felt that way. We are asked to do SO much already as teachers, and now things have doubled. The anxiety of constantly worrying if I am cleaning right, distancing them right, reaching my virtual learners right, making time for the kids in my room, it is all just piled on. We are having some political issues at our school now too which has been really tough to deal with. I wish I could say the Covid was the hard part, but right now, it’s not.

Last night it all just became so overwhelming for me and this morning, with the lack of sleep and the stress, someone in my workout class asked “well how is school” and fighting back tears I said “it is different, but it is good.” We have all become a 6:00am family and they knew I was lying, they pressed me a little and boy oh boy, did the tears fall. Fast forward through our workout, and I always pray for us before we go and this morning they looked at me and said “we just want to pray for you.” After I made these ladies do burpees, plank jacks, and lots of weight reps, they gathered around me, I was sweaty and gross, and they laid their hands on me and all prayed for me and teachers in my school. Even my girls on the Zoom link prayed for us. It was so neat, and I just had it completely confirmed, how much community means. We went from workout buddies, to prayer warriors in that room.

Let me encourage you, find a community to pray over you and pray for you when all you want to do is “just swim down.” You know you are with good people when they burpee when you tell them too, but then turn around and pray for you! Find you some people like that.

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