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Book Review: Sassy, Single and Satisfied Devotional by Michelle McKinney Hammond

I found Michelle McKinney Hammond in college and I’ve been hooked on her books ever since then. She is funny, relatable and full of the Lord’s truth. While I’ve read dozens of her books, I’ve never done a devotional by her until this past year. I actually read the book this devotional is based off of over a decade ago and loved it so I knew this would be no different.

Here’s what I’ve found to be a challenge as a single, never married, childless woman… sometimes people forget we exist. I know this isn’t intentional but we’ve not existed in large quantities until now so there hasn’t always been resources to speak directly into our hearts. There are devotionals for divorced women, single moms and widows and they are all very needed but even devotionals geared towards women as a whole seemed to hit on these three topics. Also, our desire for marriage is often treated as somehow different from the desire for kids or a healthy marriage. We’ve talked about this in the context of singleness and the church before but that thought makes finding single-minded resources hard at times.

Michelle gets it because Michelle is in the same boat. She understands how to have a healthy view of our desires while honoring the Lord and charging forth into His purpose for our lives. Her books are always encouraging, insightful and just plain real. She gets the aches, she gets the loneliness, she gets the frustration, she gets the temptation. I highly recommend this book to any single woman looking for God’s truth and a ton of encouragement.


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