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Book Review: The Anne of Green Gables Devotional: A Chapter-by Chapter Companion for Kindred SpiritS

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I am not one to recommend a book before finishing it but I knew by day three that this was going to be a recommendation of mine. Previously, I read and reviewed the “Praying with Jane” devotional by Dodge and I really enjoyed it but I actually requested this book for Christmas without realizing that she was the author.

If you’ve been around Converse and Crowns for long you will know I adore all things Avonlea. I love to go on adventures with Anne. I enjoy all that the Island life has to offer and I am still searching for my Gilbert. I just adore L.M. Montgomery’s works, not just Anne but all of her stories so I knew I would love a devotional based on the first book. Montgomery’s works always have a “real life” spiritual element which makes sense being the wife of a minister. You can see her faith in the everyday stories she weaves so this isn’t such a stretch for material and I’m surprised no one has done it before.

I think my favorite part of this book is that it goes chapter by chapter and includes quotes and spiritual ties to our lives through the lens of Anne’s journey from orphan to loved daughter which is exactly the Christian journey. I’ve already decided to reread the series for the umteenth time because I have so many cherished and sentimental moments tied up in Avonlea.

The book itself is beautiful and old-fashioned with delightful illustrations of favorite scenes. It covers 40 days which is the length of the original book and in my opinion far too short. I wish Mrs. Dodge would do a devotion for all of Anne’s books! So if you love Anne, might I very highly recommend grabbing a copy of this devotional for your quiet time.


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