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October Bucket List

Per usual, this month’s bucket list was a bit more challenging than I expected because of Covid. I bet the Lord was laughing a year ago as He saw me coming up with my ideas all while thinking how easy they’d be to complete but I am determined to finish the year out and the fall/holidays are the best time of the year so here we go…

Halloween Mani

I don’t know why but black nails just seem either high fashion or Halloweeny so that’s what I attempted. I felt very “sk8er” girl from like 2001 but it was fun.

Pasta Day (10/17)

I LOVE pasta! Unfortunately, pasta and I don’t always get along because starchy, heavy foods make me extremely sleep and sluggish but that doesn’t stop me from eating them when possible. I think my favorite pasta options are either a delicious Pad Thai or Chicken Puglia, both from local restaurants however I settled for the quick and easy pasta salad.

Eat Beef Stew

Soups, chilis and stews are some of my favorite things about cool weather and my dad’s stew is the best. I love how comforting and hearty stews can be and there are so many fun historic twists you can put on your recipes, like adding beer or a fun grain.

Hand Out Candy

Halloween has looked a bit different this year but I was able to hand out candy to my kiddos at school so that made me happy!

Cozy Socks/Fall Candles

Y’all should know by now that I love a good fall scent and there’s something about candlelight that is so comforting. Add that to a fluffy pair of socks and a good book and I’m basically in heaven. Does anyone else keep socks in the bedside table during the winter? Am I becoming my mother?

Dress Up in a Costume

Now, this is one I totally rocked this year and basically every year because I’m a teacher who very much believes in Homecoming Week. Homecoming is one of the best weeks of the year because you can dress up, everyone is in a good mood and school spirit overflows. This year our theme was “Year of the Warrior” and while we didn't do Wednesday because it's a virtual day, here are the rest of my seasonal outfits….

Winter: Christmas PJs for Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve may be my favorite day of the year… even more so than actual Christmas. That’s because I love the candlelight, atmosphere and ambiance of snuggling up with family on Christmas Eve.

Spring: A Sweet Deer with a Kiwi Bird

My mother found this Kiwi at a shop in Colorado which is very confusing but she thought he was adorable so she brought him back for me. I’ve never had a reason to use him so I figured now was a great time. Kiwis are born in the spring, right?

Summer: Vacation

Fun Fact: This is the same shirt I wore for Hawaiian Day in high school twenty years ago! Pretty sure this shirt is my dad's from the 80s.

Fall: Halloween Costume

Yes, I’m Suzanne Sugarbaker from Designing Women and yes, I have her pig in a rhinestone collar, Noel, with me! Almost brought a Voodoo Doll.

Eat Pumpkin Soup/Pumpkin Day 10/26

I love pumpkin but ironically I don’t love a PSL. I actually prefer my pumpkin savory and tucked into pies, tarts, soups and curries. Yummy! During the fall and winter, I like to keep random canned and frozen ingredients in the house so I can make what I call “garbage soup”. It’s basically just dumping a bunch of complimentary foods in a pot and calling it done. Recently, I used canned pumpkin, canned beans, canned chick peas, frozen spinach, frozen chicken, dry bullion and some other random spices. So, autumnal and easy to always have on hand.

Eat Apple Chips

I love apples and apple chips as well. You’re probably thinking, “What food don’t you like?” and that’s a very valid question without a clear answer.

Buy a New Scarf

I know I discussed this in another bucket list post but I just love buying scarves in the fall. The issue for me is that I don’t get to wear nearly as many as I purchase because south Mississippi has a very “heater in the morning, A/C in the afternoon” type of climate. I may start the day in a scarf but it often gets left behind by lunch but I have added several to my collection this season just in case.

Jeremiah 17:7

Bible Journal

I haven’t really sat down to Bible journal since challenging myself to complete at least one entry for each of the books back during the Quarantine. Sometimes, it’s nice to be forced into a creative pursuit since they so often fall to the wayside due to “real life” cropping up.

2 Peter 3:18

Shop a Bookstore

While I haven’t been into an actual bookstore in a while because of all things 2020, I did purchase the new “Twilight” book “Midnight Sun” which is the companion book to the first book in that series but it tells the story from Edward’s perspective. To me, the “Twilight” series is a good mindless read but nothing over the top, however, from Edward’s point of view it was far more interesting. Probably has to do with the whole trying not to murder aspect plus it explains conversations and moments that occur in the background of the original. I’d actually like her to do the other books from his perspective as well or find another series that has both. Any suggestions?

Take a New FB Profile Picture

If you know me, you know I stress over posting on social media and I once went five years without changing my profile picture which is odd considering I had a poinsettia on my head. Anyways, I’ve been trying to be bolder in my attempts at social media as a “get me out of my comfort zone” exercise which has actually had some pretty positive results but I’ve been feeling the pressure to change because my current picture is nearly a year old. Poor Meg has become my personal photographer and social media director but this is what I came up with…

Visit a Graveyard

Now, this may seem like the perfect bucket list challenge for spooky season and I’m sure to many it is but I actually enjoy graveyards. They are filled with interesting history and data for a location which I find fascinating. I also like to think that it provides a tangible connection to ancestors I’ve never met and the struggles they faced. Obviously, the older the cemetery the better but it’s not unusual to see my mother and I wandering about headstones having a great time. Cemeteries offer a form of memento mori which is literally the reminder that you will die but that should make you want to live while you can. So many people run from death and try to act like it won’t occur if they don’t think about it but we are all terminal so these beautiful markers should be viewed, not just as a reminder of death but a lovely reminder of the beautiful life that was lived. The coolest grave I saw this month was one that belonged to a soldier killed in the Battle of Vicksburg who is now buried in the courtyard of a bed and breakfast.


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