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30 Days of Gratefulness: Part 2

This is a continuation of my gratefulness post from last week.

What touch are you grateful for?

I adore when my cat, Pip, comes up to me and taps my face to get my attention. He does so in the sweetest and gentlest way which is not really in his character though it’s a bit aggravating at 2 AM in the midst of good sleep.

What holiday are you grateful for?

Christmas, did you really expect me to say anything else? Christmas is so tied to tradition, the past and love. It can’t help but warm me to my core.

What texture are you grateful for?

To me this seems like a strange thing to be thankful for but if I really think about it, I think I’m thankful for Bear’s fur because he’s just so cuddly. There's nothing more reassuring than an 85 pound lap dog.

What abilities are you grateful for?

I’m learning to be grateful for my resourcefulness and attention to detail. I’ve found that these skills have become more that useful when teaching, volunteering, planning and designing for all of the organizations and events I work with. I never realized that other people’s brains didn’t function this way but now I see that the Lord has given me these skills for a purpose.

What sight are you grateful for today?

I'm thankful to see some of my students face-to-face. This year has taught me how much I desperately need my kiddos in my life. Teaching isn't fun or rewarding online and I'm glad I get to see my kids today.

What season are you grateful for?

Autumn. It makes my soul dance.

What about your body are you grateful for?

I’ve grown to really appreciate what my body can do. I can climb stairs, run, lift weights and dance terribly. While I have things about my body that I don’t love, I’m extremely thankful for my body’s ability to grow and perform all the necessary tasks of my life.

What knowledge are you grateful for?

I’m thankful for the knowledge I’ve learned about the Enneagrams in the last year or so. While it is by no means a 100% answer for every situation, I have found that understanding my thought processes has helped me break some negative thought cycles and that this knowledge has also helped me better relate to those in my life.

What piece of art are you grateful for?

Even as a child I enjoyed Degas. I think it goes back to my grandmother having a small copy of L’Etoile which I adored because I thought Degas’ interpretations of the ballerinas were so beautiful. Impressionism is just one of many design stylings from the Victorian era that I enjoy.

Who in your life are you grateful for?

There aren’t enough days in November to cover everyone I’m grateful for but this year I’ve come to realize just how thankful I am for the squad that the Lord graciously put in my life. The four of us represent each of the Hogwarts houses and these personality differences allow us to support each other in unique ways and grow together in love and Christian sisterhood. I could not be more grateful to have these three as my companions for the chaos of 2020.


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