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Tail lights

There is nothing greater than women cheering each other on to personal successes!

I once had a devotional compare your community of girlfriends as tail lights in the fog and that’s a pretty apt description. You know the situation I’m talking about. You are out driving on a dark road and maybe the fog has grown thick or maybe you live here in the South where we get sudden flooding downpours that leave you unable to see beyond the hood of your car. Those can be some of the scariest driving moments but if you can see another’s tail lights ahead of you, then you don’t feel so alone in your journey. Good, godly women provide the same confidence and safety in our lives which is why the Bible talks so much about community. This Christian life is not meant to be done alone. Our girlfriends can provide so much...

Younger, older, married, single, children or cats... blessings can come from great relationships.

They’ve been there before.

Intergenerational community is so important for women. Yes, my squad is pretty much in my life stage but I have dear friends who are married, divorced, parents of teenagers, parents of toddlers, widows and more. I would be foolish if I missed out on all of their collective wisdom because we are in different seasons and yes, that does require intentionality. One of the best experiences I’ve had in our women’s ministry was the mentorship program we had a few years back. I was paired with a dear lady that I have known my whole life but never as a friend. Turns out we had SOOO much in common and she was able to feed into my spirit with the wisdom she has learned along the way. Just like those tail lights in the dark, I can learn from their successes and mistakes.

The good news is that, hopefully, I can become the tail lights for another. Hopefully, my story can help light another woman’s path to make even one step easier.

There are so many things I would never attempt if I had to do them alone. The Murph is definitely in that category.

It’s nice to not be alone.

I’ve never enjoyed bad weather but Hurricane Katrina made me slightly skittish by dropping a tree on my home and the tornado that plowed through my neighborhood a few years back pretty much sealed the deal. I consider myself to be fairly brave but every time the tornado siren goes off, I head to my safe space and call my mother because I don’t want to be alone in this dangerous and uncertain situation.

Our community can help us not face our challenges alone which is sometimes the lifeline we need to get through tough seasons. Find a crew that you can call on to be silly and laugh with that will also show up to cry and pray. I am fortunate enough to have several friends that have seen me at my best and worst and haven’t run away. They will sit with me in silence, listen to me ramble or offer advice. They are my people and I couldn’t make it without them.

These three ladies pour so much wisdom, discernment and joy into my life. I couldn't make it without them!

That truck with the crazy bright lights…

You know the truck I’m talking about. That big truck that has those weird, incredibly bright bluish hued lights that are absolutely blinding and aggravating…. until they are leading the pack in the midst of a crisis. In reality, those lights are blindingly bright because they are better than my lights. The same is true in our life journeys. Sometimes, our community is more equipped than we are for what we are facing. This could be because they’ve been there before or perhaps because they have a spiritual gift or ability that gives them insight into your situation. Don’t let pride convince you that you don’t need help. Let others pour into you and pour into others when you have the chance. We are called to not “hide our lamps under a basket” by Christ in Matthew 5. Let your light shine and follow others' light when you need it.

I would have never stepped outside the house with my Bell's if it wasn't for my squad giving me the confidence.

Step out in confidence.

I think all of these community benefits feed into the ability to live a vibrant and confident life in Christ. I don’t seem to mind stepping out of my comfort zone if my squad is there with me. When I’m feeling less than myself or forgetting my position as a daughter of the King. When you have a squad by your side, helping you see your path or face the unknown, you can’t help but be a bit more confident. You walk a little taller. Smile a little brighter. You know you have cheerleaders on the sideline rooting for you to succeed and that is often the little boost you need to have your 20 seconds of insane courage.

Your wonderful Father knows that who you surround yourself with can influence all aspects of your life. Be wise in the choice of tail lights you follow and make sure you are shining bright for others when you can.


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