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Favorites: Black Friday 2023

***Please Note: As an Amazon Associate we earn commission from qualifying purchases.***

Y'all have asked for our favorites list in time for Black Friday so this year's list is here for you to peruse. If you want to hear the entire conversation on all of our favorites and why, you can check out season 2, episode 18 of Hey Y'all: The Podcast on the above tab or on all major platforms.

Beauty and Health

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Spray

Weighted Heating Pad with Massage

Honey and Almond Shampoo Bar

Skincare Fridge

Satin Eye Mask

Jade Roller

Curl Shaping Mousse

Pacifica Detangling Spray

Magnolia Soap Whipped Body Butter

Tree Hut Body Scrub

Revlon Volumizer Hair Dryer


Sacred Rest

Sacred Rest Challenge


High Waisted Biker Shorts

Fossil 2 Way Backpack Purse

Fanny Pack (Black)

Fanny Pack (Holographic)

Rothy's Loafers


Good and Gather Gluten-Free Pizza

Bubbler Sparkling Water


Stanley Quencher H2.0

Stanley Straw Covers

Wallflower Home Fragrance

French Press

Wrapping Paper Storage


Tasting History with Max Miller

American History Tellers

All Creatures Great and Small


JBL Vibe Beam Wireless Headphones

LCD Writing Tablet

Bone Conduction Headphones

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