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Hey Y'all: The Wrap-Up (February 2024)

Yummies Y'all

Honeycomb, cornflakes and chocolate... what's not to love? You can get them here.

Like toffee meets caramel. (If you have a World Market, look there.)

Episode Guide and Resources

Remember, Hey Y'all comes out every Friday and you can always listen on one of your favorite podcast platforms or at the tab above. Please continue to share with your friends, family and coworkers. We love pulling up more chairs to our table.

S3E3: 2024 Words of the Year (Part 1)/S3E4: 2024 Words of the Year (Part 2)

Bailey: Rest

Brittney: Intentional

Kristi: Restore

Meg: Brave

You can listen to the previous episode on "rest" here and find the book review here with a link to purchase.

S3E5: The Hygge Game: Round 2

You can get your own copy of this thought provoking game here.

S3E6: Doing What You're Called to Do

Find this episode and others at the link above.


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