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Bailey Anglin

Hey Y'all! I’m Bailey, a southern girl who loves Jesus, crowns, tacos and anything pink. I believe we all have a God-given purpose and the ability to change the world, even if it’s just our corner of it. Life is hard but we are not called to do it alone so I hope you’ll join us weekly for our girls’ get-togethers as we try to navigate life, relationships, careers and struggles all while honoring God and growing in our relationship with our Savior. My ultimate prayer is that through our journey we can all grow together to be the darling and daring queens that this world so desperately needs. 

You can keep up with me on Instagram or here, on my blog.


Kristi Hatten

Hey y’all I’m Kristi. I’d much rather be on the fringes observing what all is going on. However, I challenged myself several years ago to step out into the “uncomfortable” and I got myself THIS wonderful group of friends. Cue a few more moments of reminding myself that it’s ok to be uncomfortable and here I am - right smack dab in the spotlight of a podcast! Yikes! I hope and pray that what we share challenges you, makes you think and search yourself and ultimately align yourself with the Truth of our Savior. Life is meant to lived in communities and I’m a living testament that though it’s not my first nature to do so, there are blessings in beautiful friendships with Godly women in similar life situations as mine. Embrace the uncomfortable one bit at a time and grow with us as we continue to help each other do the same!


Brittney Hawkins

Hey Y’all I’m Brittney. I love the outdoors, classic films, theater, and Broadway. I have been lucky enough to be blessed with the most amazing circle of ladies I call my friends, and we are so excited to bring you fun, friendship, laughter and the love of Jesus through this Podcast. I can’t wait for you to join us on this new adventure- as we cover a variety of topics, while focusing on God’s Word. So come and grab a snack and a seat.. There’s plenty of room at our table! 


Megan Hogue

Hey Y’all, I’m Meg! I love flavored coffee, group fitness classes, all things sports and competition, and have a goal to make Heaven crowded. Life can be funny, it can be cruel, it can be hard, and it can be wonderful, but among it all, we have a purpose for being here and a joy that comes when we find that purpose! I am so thankful and blessed to have friends who are like minded, and can help me on this journey of life! What a blessing they are as we pour into each other, learn from each other, and just make it together! I am thankful you virtual girls will be along for the ride, and a part of our group too! Come on, journey through the joy with us!

You can keep up with me on Instagram or here, on the blog. 

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