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January 12 Person

I saw this and it intrigued me, but I have to say, for many years I was probably one of those January 12 people.” I would try and change SO much with the new year, it became impossible to keep up. I would decide on December 31 to change everything I ate, to only drink water, to eat all things healthy, and to workout every single day. Of course, trying to do those things and live a regular life became impossible. Just like so many others, I gave up.

If you have fallen off since your New Year's Resolution, don’t beat yourself up. Having goals is great, wanting to be healthier is a wonderful thing. Adding pressure and negativity to your life because you ate a cheeseburger, or got ice cream, or accidentally ate an entire pizza is not.

Do your best, everyday to intentionally make better choices. Eventually, those habits will change. The change will be slow which is exactly how it should be! Slow changes daily, add up to lifestyle changes permanently.

Don’t be a January 12 person, don’t give up! Whatever your “new year, new me” was, stick to it! Maybe it was working out, maybe it was eating out less, maybe it was drinking more water, maybe it was less Netflix? Maybe, you’ve already messed up, but THAT is real life.

Jump back in, and keep making positive changes for YOU!

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