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5 Reasons I Love Homecoming

I was blessed with the good fortune of attending the same school from Kindergarten through my senior year and I am still fortunate to work in the same environment everyday so maybe I’m a little more invested than the average teacher but I L-O-V-E Homecoming week. I’m obviously not alone because schools and universities throughout the country come together for a big hoorah every year that celebrates traditions, memories and the future. It’s like a giant family reunion with hundreds of cousins that you don’t know. So, here are some of the reasons I love Homecoming...

School Spirit

Do you love your school? Did you love your school? I loved my high school and the university I went to for undergrad. Once again, I know tradition plays into my love of school spirit because I had the opportunity to participate in the same traditions for over a decade but the kiddos I see having the best time at school are the ones who are intentional in participating and experiencing all that’s around them which might be some pretty solid life advice.

Dressing Up

I never grew out of my childhood dress up phase and currently have boxes worth of costume possibilities in my closet. There is something so fun about going around with pastel hair for the day or green lipstick for the evening or having the opportunity to wear a crown well...anytime! As someone who adores historic fashion, dress up days provide an opportunity to pull out things that just don’t make sense for my daily life but I’ve always wanted to try. I don’t think you’re ever too old for make believe.

I've been wearing this Hawaiian shirt for dress up days since the mid-90s.


Tradition is important to me. I love that there are events and experiences that have been shared through decades. I love that when I get together with sorority sisters for Homecoming we all have shared experiences across forty years. There’s something so endearing about knowing that the words being solemnly spoken in 1986 were spoken in 2006 and 2016 and hopefully for many years to come. Traditions make you feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself which is pretty exciting.


I wait expectantly every year for the release of the Homecoming week theme list because it gives me a chance to be as creative as possible. This is also why I love a good themed party. It’s like in school, when we would be given a big project and I would get super excited to plan it all out. (Yes, I know I was a nerd.) It’s so fun to make out a list of ideas, props and more that can complete a really spectacular project. Maybe, the truth is I really just enjoy planning?


I hate that as adults we are expected to be incredibly serious. Why does maturity and boringness have to walk hand in hand? I love silliness. You know, those moments where you get caught up in a fit of the giggles and can’t stop or when you go on a random late night adventure for ice cream or when you perform a private Broadway concert for your pets while cleaning the house? Silliness allows us to relax and breathe in ways that daily life doesn’t always provide. Relax! Enjoy the small moments! Dress like your favorite superhero! Be silly!

Maybe you don’t have the chance to celebrate Homecoming anymore but you do have opportunities to be creative and silly all the time. You have chances to share a beloved tradition or dress up as your favorite character. Put on that Broadway concert even if the washing machine is the only one listening. Never allow yourself to believe you're too old, serious or important to be a little ridiculous.


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