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Life Lessons: A Different Road

Reading: Exodus 13:17-22, 14:1-9

Have you ever felt the Lord leading you in the exact opposite direction of your prayers? Have you felt that the Lord was taking the long way around to accomplish His plan? If you’re like me, your first thought is “YESSSSS!” Friends, I want to be honest. The Lord’s plan DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! It simply doesn’t and I’ve walked this Christian life long enough to cognitively know that’s a good thing, though my emotions don’t always agree. 

See, if God’s plans could be completely grasped by my tiny brain then they wouldn’t be God sized. The Lord is in the business of showing out but that requires us to have a lot of faith, to learn patience and accept disappointment as a greater part of the plan. 

When Moses and the Israelites left Egypt, God sent them the long way around. He knew their hearts and knew this was best but it had to seem like lunacy. Not only were they taking the longer route, God then tells them to turn back and basically retrace their steps. How frustrated would you be? Have you ever thought, “Lord, I can’t do this again. Please don’t make me do this”? Yeah, me too. It can feel heartbreaking and pointless and wasteful. It can make you forget your purpose and God’s faithfulness. 

The Israelites were definitely wandering but they weren’t lost. Don’t get me wrong, they didn’t have a clue what they were doing, what their next step was or the overarching plan BUT they did know Who was in control. Ultimately, this time of wandering probably felt like a waste but was setting up their escape, their legacy and one of the greatest faith builders I can imagine. 

Just like our seasons of preparation, often what seems purposeless is incredibly purposeful in the design of the Almighty. When you feel like you are wandering further from your answers, you might be headed straight to your deliverance. Don’t let fear and the unknown stop you from a story handcrafted by the God of the Universe. 

Today’s Prayer


Father, I’m scared that I’ve misunderstood Your leading because I feel so far away from my answers. Please remind me of Your truth and give me the wisdom to hear Your voice when you give direction.


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