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June and July Favorites

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Hey y’all! These are 5 things I’ve been loving this summer and thought you might enjoy.


Y'all know I am always looking for a new mascara that is going to provide a miracle for my lashes. I've always like Stila's eyeliner and the mascara has proven to be a great option. In fact, my only complaint is that for some reason the mascara gets on my eyelid every time. I don't know if it is the brush or the formula but I do a touch up every morning. Other than that it provides what I'm looking for in a day to day makeup routine.


I've been wanting to include this show on my favorites for ages but I know I have a strange taste in television. I LOVE British programming and this is a classic for a reason. The show follows the Ladies and Gentlemen's departments at Grace Brothers Department Store in London and all the insanity they get up to in their day to day operations. It's definitely "British" humor but there is a reason it ran for so long. I know you can purchase it and it may be on AcornTV but if you just want a taste you can find most of the episodes on YouTube.



Similarly to my mascara quest, I'm always on the look out for a fragrance that doesn't give me a headache but doesn't make me smell like a preteen. Also, I have an issue with wearing celebrity perfume because I feel stupid and preteen again. I typically can only wear "warm" scents or food. That sound stupid when I say it but I know my limits. This fragrance is exactly what it says...Candy! It's sweet, warm and deep. Plus, the bottle is cute.



If you've been around this blog for very long then you know I ADORE Hanson. This is one of their newer albums but not the newest which is a Christmas album! Yay! Anthem has a great vibe and fun songs! As with all Hanson albums don't forget to listen to the "secret" song!



I love these products! You can get their regular gel polish that uses a UV lamp to set your nails or they have a new product that basically works with any regular nail polish to make it gel. I love the convenience of gel because the process is so simple, quick and the results last for ages. This company has great color options and finishes. They can be purchased online, at Target or Walmart. Also, I use their light and other gel products.

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