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March/April Favorites

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Hey y’all! These are 5 things I’ve been loving for the last couple of months and thought you might enjoy.


I won a Yeti tumbler back around Christmas while we were doing the Biggest Loser at school and I absolutely LOVE it but I can NOT contend with the price. I love cold water but not $50 worth but now that I’m hooked on the ice water anytime I want craze I wanted to find another option.

These Simple Modern bottles not only keep ice in my bottle for at least 24 hours of regular use, they have so many more color/pattern options and you can order it from Amazon with prime shipping if that’s your jam. Oh and did I mention the small bottles start at $12?!? I got my big bottle for like $25! Overall, I love being able to leave my water in my car in July while I’m shopping or at a ballgame and getting back to ice cold water.


I know this is limited edition and so not something I would normally list as a favorite but let me tell you how much I LOVE this pretzel. In reality, it is not like a soft pretzel you would get at a fair or ballgame. In fact, I’m not sure it would technically qualify as a pretzel because I don’t think they do the whole soak in lye thing that give pretzels their quintessential chew. This is more like a bread/pastry mix that has been coated in butter and salt. It also comes with cheese sauce. It’s amazing!!! I love it enough to venture to Sonic multiple times in the last two weeks.



Let me start off by saying this musical was written by Elton John and Tim Rice. Elton John you should know but on the off chance that you’ve never heard of Tim Rice, he’s worked on some small pieces like The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and more. So, you can already guess that this a jam! It’s based off of the 1871 opera Aida by Giuseppe Verdi but it is done in a pop/rock style.

Playbill Synopsis: “…the story of enslaved Nubian princess Aida, who falls for captain of the guard Radames, who is betrothed to the Egyptian princess who is Aida's mistress.”

I’ve never had the fortune of seeing Aida but trust me you can fully appreciate the story through the music. Side note: There are tons of bootleg copies of the music and scenes from Broadway on YouTube.



I received this in two different beauty boxes recently and while it took me some time to warm up to it, I like it now. Here are some of my initial reactions. The brush is very rubbery and flexible and I wasn’t used to that. My lashes are very straight and stubby and I’m pretty aggressive with my application, however, it only took a few tries to realize that I was going to have mascara all over my lid if I didn’t use a more delicate touch. Also, I felt like the formula was very liquidy. Once again, due to my lashes, I like a thicker/textured mascara that can add to and fill out my issues. This mascara will not do that but it does give some volume with a few coats and it makes your lashes longer. I’m not sure it will be my number one but it is definitely worth a try.



Oh, Thrift Books, I love you but I hate you because you are fueling my problem of collecting books that I have no hope of ever finishing. I stumbled upon Thrift Books when looking for some cheaper options for some of the old books I knew were out of print. It works like a consignment shop for books. They have all kinds of books, including antiques, and they come in all kinds of conditions.

My most recent order was $14 books for around $50 including tax and shipping is FREE for any order over $10! Most of the books in this order were less than $4. How amazing is that? I’ve even found stuff on there that I can’t find anywhere else. FYI, the books come from all over the country so you may receive multiple packages.


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