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Start Romanticizing Your Life

By now you most likely know of my love of Anne Shirley. Anne is such a kindred spirit and inspiration for making a lovely, dreamy life out of the ordinary. Where others looked and saw trees and ponds, Anne saw the Snow Queen and the Lake of Shining Waters. She had a charming way of romanticizing everyday moments which gave her a lovely perspective on the world around her. Not too long ago I heard someone say we should romanticize our lives and it immediately made me think of Anne and her innate ability to turn the mundane into something magical which I think is something we all desire.

Think about it, have you ever walked out of a movie theatre after seeing some great movie and wished your life could be a little more colorful… a little less gray? What woman hasn’t wished to be a heroine like Elizabeth Bennett or to have great adventures like Hermione or to be pursued by a man like Gilbert? We long to be the heroines not the side characters yet, most of us spend our lives acting like we’re in the supporting cast and not the star of our own show. I think that needs to change!

I want the great adventure of life even if it takes place in small town Mississippi and not New York City. Sometimes we need to see our lives through a dazzling light. Maybe you WILL meet Mr. Right at a grocery store like in the Hallmark movies so chat with the good looking guy in the cauliflower. Undertake that hobby you’ve always desired to pursue because that might be your calling. Dance in the rain. Lay out under the stars. Train for that marathon like a superhero. Pack a picnic and a book then head out to find adventure. Dress like a fashion model if only for the night. Make life fun and exciting and most importantly, memorable. It really is too short to be taken that seriously!



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