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"Converse"ations with Meg

Three Words

Three words I personally believe all women should live by and circle their lives around, Passion, Inspiration, and Sassy. Webster defines them as this:

Passion: intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction

Inspiration: the act of influencing or suggesting opinions

Sassy: vigorous, lively

I'm not trying to knock on ole Webster or anything, but when I looked these up (at which point I was going an entirely different direction with this “CONVERSE”ation), I thought “wow, how dreary.” I realize you don’t know me yet, but dreary just ain’t me! Let me redefine these words, not by Webster, but by Meg:

Passion: something you are so into, and so sure about, you borderline drive people insane trying to get them on board! It's something you eat, sleep, and constantly make sticky notes about, (maybe that's just me.)

Inspiration: creating dreams, thoughts, and ideas that trickle out of you and into someone else.

Sassy: a little bit of attitude, a little bit of classy, a little bit of fabulous, a little bit of intensity, and a little bit of glitter.

These three words are so important to women everywhere. Every woman needs to have a passion, something has to make you happy on the insides and give you life! Something has to drive you and give you motivation to make you and people around you better. Whatever it is, use it as your inspiration.

When you inspire, create a dream and talk and post about it so much, people around you can't help but catch it! After losing my weight, and helping others through fitness classes lose weight and get stronger, people tell me, “you’re such an inspiration.” My first response is always to say “no, no I’m not, I just want to help.” It often times makes me feel uncomfortable, or adds pressure of some sort. But dangit, why can't I be an inspiration! Why does the world tell me to be so dainty and shove that compliment off? I am not saying don't be humble, but by all means, if your passion leads you to change lives, then accept being an inspiration and do it big!

My personal favorite, being sassy. Ladies, you just have to be! You have been fearfully and wonderfully made, you were designed special and created in the image of Christ, who by the way, thinks you’re pretty darn perfect. If you are struggling with your body, or don't know how to do that winged eye liner, if someone has made you feel not so pretty lately (trust me, I feel ya, I wont call any names, but he is a butt) you can still be sassy. For others to see it, you have to believe it. If you aren’t comfortable with your body, take it in your hands and do some workouts, it will make you feel empowered and so much better. You have to embrace and create the sassy, but loving yourself is the only way it happens. You are the daughter of a KING, what’s not to love?

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