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Elements of Fun

Sometimes life is easier with someone by your side to cheer you on and sometimes you need that person leading your workout class to keep you going and to keep you laughing. If you are like me and you don’t particularly care for working out or sweating or going without makeup or breathing heavy or having bad hair then you need a workout buddy! Someone who will motivate you (or at least convict you) and will make you laugh through the 150 degree weather and the 100 percent humidity. You are not going to stick with something you don’t enjoy trust me. Find something you enjoy and do it with people you enjoy being around.

I love the workout classes I attend because I’m not intimidated. All the women are so sweet and they are all there for the same reason I am…they want to be healthy and happy. We laugh and whine while singing great music and sweating like pigs. (To be fair, I don’t sweat I glisten.) Meg and I do ballet once a week with an awesome teacher who refuses to let us use excuses like old bones and aging hips to get out of leaps or relevés. No one at the bar is aspiring to be a principal but she stretches us to be the best dancers we can regardless of our skills or complaints.

Mary Poppins had it right, “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game.” Meg and I decided to change up our workout routine for Labor Day by walking the “Rails to Trails” track in Hattiesburg. It was beautiful weather, we had so much to talk about and we sang a few tunes just for good measure! If it were up to me I would not have worked out Monday. I would have shopped or read a book but instead I knocked out a couple miles and had a great time.

So, sing while you run! Dance your heart out! Find your support system and find your fun!!!

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