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"Converse"ations with Meg

Giving it your Best

My sweet dad always says something that is so true, “you can’t be your best if you spread yourself to thin.” It is such a basic concept, but it really is so true. I know people struggle with this, being a good mom, co-worker, wife, friend, daughter, and the list goes on! For me, I struggle with being a good teacher, co-worker, daughter, sister, fitness instructor, biggest loser competition organizer, Sunday School member, choir member, and dog mommy. People sometimes think because I am single, I am not busy. That is NOT true!

I have said it before, when I was really overweight, I really had no life. Food and what I was going to get to eat next was what consumed my every thought. When I lost weight, I wanted to do and help with everything, be everyone’s person to count on. I have had to learn I cannot do that. This year, I have really had to drop some things from my schedule, some things I have done for years because I have taken on some new things. For me, my personality, I am a giver. I do not want to disappoint people and let them down, but sometimes you have to give some things up, so you can be really good at what you are passionate about.

This has been a hard “lesson” for me to learn. Just like me, you may need to learn that to be the best at your passions, you have to give some things up and you know what, that is totally ok.

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