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The Reverse

Weight loss is so much fun, and so exciting. Challenging yourself to eat better, workout, and seeing results is so empowering. Walking into a store and wearing a smaller size than you though or expected, the feeing can almost bring you to tears. Having people tell you, “wow, you look amazing!” or “what are you doing, you look fabulous” can turn into a high of sorts. You want to encourage and continue to see and hear these results. So for people with major weight loss, people who hear and see and experience these things, what causes them to so often go backwards and gain?

I have a few theories. You see, if I am being honest, this is me. I lost a total of about 117 pounds, I was NOT where I wanted to be, but I hit one of my major goals, under 200 pounds. I was on a high, I could not get enough of myself in the store, in my pants size, in the mirror. Now, I do not mean all of that in a vain way, it was just so empowering to me to see myself in such a new light, in such a new body. Truth time, from that low of under 200 pounds, I have managed to gain about 40 of it back. I am no where close to where I started, but the weight has slowly creeped back on. I work out six days a week, I even teach some fitness classes, but my problem has always been food. I have a food addiction. The problem is, you can’t outwork a bad diet, and I am seeing that first hand. So why, why lose what I was so proud of? Time for my theories…

First, pressure. Sometimes the excitement and the “oh you look so goods” become pressure. In the south, the birthplace of gossip, it also seems as if some are telling you how good you look so they can set you up and talk about you when you mess up. That messes with your mind, it makes things hard. Second, food addiction. Baby, it’s a REAL thing. I know people say, “once you stop eating bad, you won’t even want that junk anymore.” Well, that is what we call a bold face lie. I love healthy food, I love how I feel when I eat it and fuel by body, but to pretend I do not think of pizza, and snickers, and burgers, and milkshakes, and starbursts all the time is a lie. Food addiction is real, and it has to be realized and dealt with. Third, reality. Sometimes the reality of it is you aren’t going to have the money to meal prep, you aren’t going to have a week that goes exactly as you planned. You are going to have to swing through and eat something at midnight when you didn’t expect it, those things are reality. The struggle is, learning to live a REAL LIFE and still maintain a balance of health and goals. Ya’ll, hard isn’t even a good description for it, but that’s all I got, it’s hard.

So, what now? (If you are still reading, you may be discouraged or annoyed, I am a bit that way writing it that makes you feel better.) So my advice, just breathe and realize it really is ok. This journey of health, fitness, weight loss, whatever it may be is just that, a journey. Just like in seasons of life, you will have highs and lows. The key to making it work, catch it and hold yourself accountable. Do not make excuses, make changes. You’ve gained weight, ok. Have you had fun, have you at least done it living your best life? I have! I have been to baseball games, weekend trips with friends, my brothers wedding, I have a had a blast gaining these 40 pounds back! It’s ok, I see now that I have to fuel my body with my workouts, I found out for myself I can’t workout and eat like garbage, and I am ready to swallow my pride, admit my 40 pounds, and do better.

You see, that’s what it is all about. This season is over and I am ready to fight again. I got this. You got this.

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