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The Comparison Game

I love social media. I love the connection it brings to people you maybe grew up with and don’t often get to see or the events you can easily keep up with to attend. One of my favorite things about social media, Instagram in particular, is the motivating “fitfam” movement. If you are not familiar, the fitfam are everyday people on journeys of fitness or health. Some of them have had weight loss surgeries and are sharing their journeys, others are just starting a workout routine or a healthy eating journey and share it with the Instagram world. Now, I understand how silly this may sound, but these people encourage each other and use these accounts as accountability to themselves, it’s a pretty cool thing.

You may wonder how I know so much about this fitfam movement, well, I am part of it. I have an Instagram account called glitterandavacados. (seriously, my two favorite things) I use my account to post recipes and keep me accountable on my workouts and weight-loss. I enjoy it so much. There is so much encouragement and comradery, it really is amazing the sort of bond you can form with people around the world working towards the same goals as you. I encourage you, if you have goals related to fitness, find some cool and encouraging people to follow, let them encourage you through their lifestyle!

Now, with all good and amazing things, comes a price to often times pay. Sometimes people on social media, whether Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, get caught up in the comparison game. You may compare your marriage to someone else’s. You may look at your kids, and wish they would excel or be as driven as another’s. You may think someone else has the most perfect life, the cutest house, best clothes, and a job where everyone is always happy. We forget, people only seem to post the perfect on social media. You cannot compare your reality to someone else’s perfect, I am afraid you’ll be disappointed every time.

The comparison game is dangerous. Not everyone has the perfect life, no matter how much of perfection you see on their social media account. Whether you only follow people you know, or if you use social media as an outlet or place to find healthy recipes or fitness goals, your journey and life are your own, and its perfect in its own right. Don’t let comparison steal your joy! Find the JOY and PERFECTION in your journey, I promise, it’s there!

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