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My Mythicality: Laugh Your Way into Friendship

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As comedians, it’s not a surprise that Rhett and Link included a chapter on laughter and friendship. I’m proud to say that my best memories and relationships are filled with laughter and nothing makes a man more attractive than his sense of humor. Laughter is contagious and nurtures your soul. I actually had trouble narrowing down which story to share but I decided my sorority provided enough friendship and antics to cover this topic in full so back we go down the rabbit hole to the year 2004.

Laughter is one of the main reasons I pledged my sorority. I had originally wanted to go with the other group but after going to some RUSH parties I realized that the other group seemed to have fun but were kind of separate within themselves. Pi Omega, on the other hand, were all piled around ONE of the ten tables laughing and chatting with each other. Laughter made them approachable. Laughter made them lovable. Truthfully, laughter made them my family.

My first meeting as a pledge was filled with laughter and food…a tradition that continued for years. We would bust out in song and then laughter because of how ridiculous we sounded. The only thing that saved us in Flag Football was laughter. (We were awful and won one game in four years but we looked ridiculous and had funny uniforms and had the best time.)

Our Greek Week skit was always an adventure because I was slightly optimistic about our dancing ability but wow did we have fun! (Sorry sisters! I thought we were great!) Just looking through all my old pictures for this post has me laughing with all the great memories. Do I remember some of the stresses of this time in my life? Sure, but just barely. These memories, the sentimental AND the ridiculous, have stuck with me for over a decade and I can only imagine they will continue to be an amazing part of my history. So, please enjoy a few of those moments…but ignore my eyebrows! Did I own a mirror?!?

Homecoming Week was one of the best times of the year at Carey. While this has changed, for many years the WCU Homecoming was during basketball season so it was COLD! This made building floats in the freezing January weather a nightmare but we were always creative. What you see in this picture is a memory that is just as vivid as if it happened yesterday. That year some other organizations had moved our float to the darkest, coldest part of the building awning. The wind felt like Elsa was throwing a tantrum and my fingers were so cold I thought they might fall off. Mind you we were doing all of this in the small hours of the morning because we were crazy busy.

We finally struck on the idea of running as many extension cords as humanly possible out of the building and bringing heaters and snacks because, why not? The wind still blew (thus why the float is on the ground) but our prospects got better. We finished our beautiful float and I still remember this fondly. Please notice how beautifully our float depicted the theme "He Makes All Things New"

For the record all Homecoming themes at WCU are bible verses, which can be a struggle design wise.

Things got weird, y'all! Kappa Tau Xi always made life interesting.

I know we look like we've been attacked by a roving band of Weed Wackers but I promise we didn't always dress this insane!

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