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My Mythicality: Get Lost

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I initially planned on using our Spring Break trip as the source material to discuss the mythical chapter about immaturity because the good Lord knows we did not act our age, however, there is one moment from that trip that perfectly sums up “getting lost”. Now, Rhett and Link suggest getting lost in the since of wondering back roads and discovering new places but we got lost in a more literal sense.

Mountains are beautiful to look at but scary to drive straight up!

The whole story started with traveling to caverns that were closed in spite of me doing extensive research and having a spreadsheet. Part of our journey required us to travel over a bridge (I use that term loosely.) that was being renovated by several men. They had taken part of the bridge down leaving ¾ of a lane for our SUV to travel across. Once we survived and realized that the caverns were closed we quickly decided to plug our next location in to the GPS and just head in the opposite direction in the hopes of bypassing the half bridge terror we had already experienced. Little did we know it would take us to something more terrifying than falling off a bridge, which was falling down a mountain. The turn the GPS request was so steep that without discussion or pause Lauren did a 180 in the middle of this road to head back where we came from originally. (Sidenote: We were already gun shy of steep roads due to where we were staying and a few expletives and tears may have escaped during this moment.)

That one time in the car where we weren't scared of falling off a mountain!

We made it safely over the deconstructed bridge and thought we were in the clear, happily following our little GPS to our next point of interest. However, in the back of my mind I made note of how things seemed to be more and more rural but I assured myself that we were just going along back roads and would soon pop out on the Parkway, right where we needed to be and all would be great! I was soooo wrong! I bet we drove for over an hour going all the around this lovely mountain finally arriving at the end of our directions and in the front yard of what I can only assume was Jeremiah Johnson’s home. You will never guess what met us? A big sign in their yard that said, “Your GPS is wrong. Turn around!”. The only solace I had was that we were obviously not stupid or alone in our mistake but we were in the middle of nowhere.

We did eventually find our way to our destination and enjoyed the rest of our stay with no further backroad adventures and I’m kind of glad we got lost. It provided many laughs, a few tears and bonding to last a lifetime. For that I am thankful!

We safely the Titanic!

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