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My Mythicality: Give Throwback Thanks

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I like doing stuff for people to show them that I am grateful, however, it’s normally for the big things. I often forget to thank people for the small things they have contributed to my life. Rhett and Link not only wrote a chapter about gratitude but they also discussed the small influences people had on their lives during an Ear Biscuit. So, in an effort to have an attitude of gratitude, even about the smalls stuff, here’s some throwback thanks!

Mrs. Holmes a.k.a. Holmie T,

Thank you for letting us turn in our first project of Senior AP Gov several days late because we wanted to be creative. It was a video presidential timeline and I can still sing some of the songs! You always encouraged our creativity and ability to think outside the box and I hope I instill the same in my students!



Mr. McCay,

Thank you for giving me extra time to do my Managerial Finance exam. There were only ten questions and I’m pretty sure I worked for an extra two hours but I just couldn’t remember the formula. You were very patient and encouraging. I know I got it wrong but I still passed. Thanks for that!


An Undeserving Student

Dear Random Lady at the East Campus,

Thank you for telling me I sang well. I question your hearing because I’ve heard myself on tape but that still meant the world to my young, insecure, teenage self. At the time, I didn’t believe I had anything worthy of notice but you made me question that. That was twenty years ago and I still remember it.


A Choir Member


Thank you for going behind the counter at the Photo Center in Sam’s Club to get my pictures since the associates didn’t want to help. If it were up to me I would still be standing there today.



Dear Last Guy I Went Out With,

Thank you for letting me see that good isn’t great! You were very nice and truly seemed like a good guy but I don’t want to settle for good. I want great! Also, thank you for proving that just because you work in theory doesn’t mean it will work in reality. Chemistry is so important. I have reevaluated the way I approach my love life because of that experience and for that I am grateful.


Mrs. Not Right


Thank you for the reminder to let people help me. I’ve spent so long trying to convince the world (and myself) that I have my life perfectly together that I add to my stress and don’t allow people to be blessings in my life. While, I’m still not great at asking for help, I do try to take help when offered…most of the time.


Your Daughter

Throwback thanks really is fun! I may have to try this again soon!

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