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In the words of Miss Elizabeth Bennett, “I dearly love to laugh” and I try to find humor in the big and small things of life. I’ve always hated how people view God as being somber and see Christ walking the earth with a sullen expression. God has an amazing sense of humor! After all, this is the creator of laughter. According to Genesis 1:26, we are created in the image of God, so if we laugh…he laughs. In fact, I think God delights, not only in our joyful laughter but puts humor in our path to delight us.

This morning I couldn’t help but laugh at God showing up with wisdom and contentment for my heart which to be honest was slightly jumbled. Now, there’s nothing wrong…like I’m not jumbled in a bad way. In fact, my jumbledness is coming from a potential answered prayer but as someone who likes to have her feet securely on the ground with a well-lit path in front of me, the unknown is a place of unsettling moments. I busy my hands with cleaning my house, making lists and DIY projects. Anything to give me a semblance of control and doing, as if I, with my finite understanding, is ever truly in control! (Thank God I’m not!) I must confess that when I feel like this I tend to run to my friends and family for wisdom and direction before truly turning to God. I mean I pray about it but typically I talk to God a lot but don’t listen quite as much. (Side note: This past Sunday’s sermon was on how to listen to Christ…so there’s that!)

All this being said, this morning I got to work early because I couldn’t sleep so I got up early which put me here early which gave me time to look at a “Fall Verse Challenge” I had saved to Pinterest but forgot about until now. Don’t you love how God arranges our steps? So out of the over 31,000 verses in the Bible that could possibly have shown up on today’s date? What did the Lord provide? Romans 15:13, “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” In the words of Megan Hogue, “I see you God!” I laughed for a good five minutes because here I am running around and working myself into a panic over nothing when the Lord is clearly working out his plan. In high school we called these little rays of sunshine “Aha Moments” and I think that is a great description. Little moments of joy and wonderment at what a loving Father we have.

So, look around, appreciate the joy and laughter the Lord provides. Don’t miss the chance to laugh at your ridiculousness or the humor the Lord provides. After all, he did invent the platypus.

No one can look at this creature and doubt the Lord's sense of humor!

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