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New Year, New Books #1: Rest in Pieces by Bess Lovejoy

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Happy New Year, y’all! I’m not one to typically make resolutions because I hate failing and New Year’s resolutions just seem to set you up for failure. However, this year I chose to make a handful of attainable goals with the thought that giving myself a “timeline” will push me to be more intentionally in these little things.

One of the big resolutions I was to succeed at this year is reading 20 books. This probably doesn’t seem very important but I used to read tons of books and I adore reading, however, I’ve let myself push reading to the side. My excuse is that I’m really busy and tired when I get home but I find I’m never too tired to mindlessly play on my phone. So, in the effort to not turn my brain to jelly, I’m going to set myself this task and use y’all as my accountability.

So, here we number one of 2019.

#1: Rest in Pieces by Bess Lovejoy

By now you should know I enjoy learning about history and more importantly, strange history. This book is definitely that.

Rest in Pieces follows the adventures of history’s most famous people and most famous corpses, especially, those that had unusual funerals, burials and displays. Each chapter follows various scenarios that had an effect on the death circumstances of these people. For example, religion, science/medicine, crime/punishment, mysteries, politics, lost/found and collectibles. It covers everyone from Napoleon to Jesse James to Elvis. Even if death isn’t your thing, if you like history, you’ll find this to be an interesting and quick read.


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