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“Be the Woman”

I saw a quote that has been swirling around in my brain, “be the woman your younger self needed to see.” Now, I have heard and seen this quote many times, but for some reason, it has stuck. I guess since I am older, or I see teenage girls in my classroom everyday struggling with things I struggled with, I have just thought about it more. It has challenged me to think about what those qualities are that my younger self needed. I decided to come up with three things to tell the 10th grade Megan Hogue…

  1. Don’t Compare-Do not let other people’s lives and choices dictate what you want. If you want to be a teacher when you grow up, don’t let society tell you that’s not good enough, do it anyway. If you see people going skiing or to the beach for vacation, don’t feel less than because you had to stay home. Do not ever compare what someone else has or wants to what you have or want. It is ok to want different things, and it is ok to be content in what you have.

  2. Self-Worth-You can always be skinnier, in better shape, eat better, have better hair, do your make-up better, but PLEASE do not let those things define your self-worth. Christ created you, your slow metabolism and all. He also created your heart and compassion and things that make you valuable and worthy. Do not let your self-worth be tied up in a boy, a size, a number on a scale, but let it be tied up in Christ, the one who created you and thinks your pretty stunning.

  3. Be a Hugger-Hugs give life, they make people feel valuable and wanted. Be someone who gives hugs away, and with those hugs gives complements, and praise, and value to those around you. It’s ok to be a “crier” or to have “to much compassion” but use that to hug and build others up. Always, always, give the hug!

I had amazing women to look up to growing up, my mom and ladies in our church were Christ centered and showed me love and how to be a Godly woman through the way they lived and served. I am a blessed girl to have been surrounded with the ladies I was growing up. I hope I can be to the girls I see on a daily basis, what my mom and others were to me!

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