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February/March Favorites

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Hey y’all! These are 5 things I’ve been loving for the last few months and thought you might enjoy.


This was one of my weird Christmas presents this year and truthfully I asked for it because at times my neck/head/shoulder area feels pins and needles prickly after I have a headache. Also, I get the sensation that my head is to far down on my neck. Like when my brother ripped my Barbies’ heads off and I had to jam them back on to make them stay. After that they all looked like Barney Rubble...neckless. My hope was that the neck piece would alleviate some of those feelings because of where the spikes are position. The set comes with both the neck and mat piece and wow it is something!

The instructions say to start out with just a few minutes and work your way up which seemed odd because the spikes aren’t that spikey but let me tell you two minutes in and I was sure I had puncture something and here’s the crazy feels amazing! It definitely helps with many of my issues and is a cheap, quick alternative for my headaches. I don’t have the time or the money to go to see my massage therapist every time I have a migraine and while this is obviously not as effective as she is it does make a difference.


If you’ve been around Converse and Crowns for a while you probably know that I LOVE Hanson. I have loved them since the Saturday morning in 1997 when my mother woke me up to see the cute boys with the long hair. I’ve been hooked ever since and currently own ever album they’ve ever produced. Including some on cassette cause I’m that old.

Their first mainstream album was titled “Middle of Nowhere” and featured the now iconic “Mmmbop” thus the title of this album. This album features all the big hits off of each of their albums (excluding Christmas, obviously) from 1997 until now. It’s a great mix of pop, rock and a folky sound and truthfully it’s just fun!

If you’ve never listened to Hanson or you haven’t listened since you owned a Tamagotchi I highly recommend giving this album a listen!



Y’all know I love my Sensationail gel polish and I love that the top coats can be used with regular old cheap polish, however, I am still impatient and I have a habit of not letting the cheap polish dry enough before applying the gel. This leads to waking up the next morning with warped and crinkly polish that is dry but a hot mess.

I bought this stuff on a whim the other day because it was under $2 and had several fun neon options. It says it last up to ten day and I can’t vouch for that without the gel coat but what I can say is it dries so freaking fast! I’ve never really worn LA Colors nail polish because I’ve always found that you get what you pay for in the quality and staying power but they’ve hit it out of the park with this product. With my gel topcoat this has lasted over a week and takes no time to do. I love it!


I went to see this on Valentine’s Day with several girlfriends who are all single ladies in their thirties. It seemed like a cute movie that had the appropriate amount of romance without making us want to gag. After all, I have no issue with romantic comedies. However, I have grown to have issues with romantic comedies that make dating look like a walk in the park. No “your eyes meet across a crowded room and you know he is the one and he knows you are the one and he makes some grand romantic gesture to win your heart that cost 5 grand and probably breaks a million city ordinances” for me. I want to see a romance movie where the heroine is relatable and y’all this movie was spot on. It was so freaking precious.

If you don’t know the plot, it follows a single, thirty something woman who has grown cynical about love and how it fits into her life. Through a crazy situation she wakes up in a romantic comedy and chaos ensues. Of course, she learns tons of life lessons along the way that to be really honest felt a be pointed at times. In fact, I cried/laughed within the first ten minutes because I so related to Natalie. I didn’t realize the Lord could speak to me through Rebel Wilson but that he did.

I’m not a big movie goer but I would gladly go see this again!


My brother got married a few weekends ago and these little babies were a lifesaver! They slip over your heels to create a platform that won’t sink into the mud or grass at all your outdoor events. The biggest issue I had was trying to order the appropriate size. I measured but it still seems like a shot in the dark as to whether or not the would fit well but if you can get past this little hiccup it is so worth it. Also, the largest size is super tiny so if you have anything bigger than an average stiletto it won’t fit, however, they do go down to quite tiny options if you enjoy the dagger style.

Let me tell you I put these through the ringer. The wedding was outdoors and down a hill with a muddy patch that the bridesmaids stood in. Everyone else wore wedges but I hated how casual that looked with my dress so I went for some lovely stilettos. I DID NOT wear these covers for the rehearsal and by the end my calves were screaming from standing on my toes all night to avoid sinking. I was so thankful I had thought ahead to order these for the wedding itself. Not only did they protect my feet they kept my heels from getting disgusting. Many a time I have had to scrap mud and grass off my spikes after a funeral and this solved that issue. I have definitely recommend them to all my friends!

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