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“A grateful heart is one that finds the countless blessings of God in the seemingly mundane everyday life.” ~Unknown

I saw this quote on Pinterest recently and it made me stop and consider how many “little” things that I take for granted but are truly blessed by on a daily basis. It’s easy to be grateful for the big blessings and miracles because they stand out in the flow of our lives but what about those things that bring spots of joy to our day but we have grown so used to that we don’t truly appreciate them anymore? When I realize these moments I try to stop and thank the Lord for providing something so unnecessary and yet so wonderful but I still miss so much around me.

So, in an effort to not miss the little things here are some of the daily blessings that I take for granted.


Think about it! The Lord did not have to provide us with color at all much less colors this fantastic. Colors that we can’t even see but he did provide them because he is a creator and thus has creativity in his essence that is reflected in his creation, including us. We would have been none the wiser if the Lord had created our world in sepia tones and yet I really do find joy in the colors around us. Pastel rainbows and the purpley haze of mountains and the warm pinks of each sunset and the vibrant green of fresh spring grass. None of those things are necessary to life and yet they bring joy and make my heart glad!

Cody and Bear


This is one I thank the Lord for regularly because I am NEVER alone at home and while Pip and Ella drive me bonkers sometimes I know I would be terribly lonely if they weren’t there. I am so thankful that the Lord has allowed us to have relationships with all kinds of animals and that the Lord saw fit to allow us to commune with animals in a way that, to me, might just be a small reflection of Eden. There is nothing more heartwarming than having an 90 pound German Shepherd climb in your lap and squish you with in an inch of your life because he hasn’t seen you in a week. (Looking at you, Bear!) Remember, these were wild animals and that didn’t have to change and yet how lonely would our homes be if we didn’t have these furry, scaly, feathery friends?

Music and Dancing

To me these two are perpetually linked. Music speaks to the soul in a way that words cannot and in dance your spirit can fly. I have been blessed with many musical opportunities in my life from “playing” the flute (terribly), to choir and dance. Each piece nourished my soul and I still find music to be one of the most emotional, creative mediums available to us mortals. I also love that you don’t necessarily have to be talented in any of these forms to truly appreciate or be moved.

One summer in college I took ballroom dancing classes and I was HORRID at the group classes because I like(d) to be in control. Shocker, I know! But when I had my private lesson I was able to relax control (and actually dance) which led to utter exhilaration as we flew around the floor. It was in that moment that I realized why Danny Kaye and Vera Ellen said “the best things happen when you’re dancing…” I also love that the Lord provided music as one of the best ways to worship and fellowship with Him and sometimes, when I can’t find the prayer to speak, I can find the song to sing and that’s amazing!

Fireworks and Stars

Glitter is one of my favorite things! Fireworks and stars are just the glitter of the skies and I adore them!!! Our church hosts a firework show every July 4th and I ooh and aah just as much as the children. In fact, by the end of the night my cheeks hurt from smiling and my heart is happy! One of the things that I love about my parents’ house is that you can see the stars. I live in the city and it is too bright to normally glimpse anything but the brightest player but at my parents’ they all glisten together just like a tapestry with silver thread. I’ve stared at them a million times and yet I am always dazzled. I pray I never lose the aw and wonder of something so magnificent.

Alpaca Faces and Raccoon Butts and GSD Head Tilts

Do you have those random things that make you smile? That’s how I feel about alpaca faces, raccoon butts and German Shepherd head tilts. I don’t know why I love these things so much but I can’t help but laugh at the perpetually confused and ditzy look that most alpacas possess. And I giggle every time I see a raccoon run with its fat, little bum waddling from side to side. And my heart melts every time Cody or Bear look at me with that little tilt that says, “You are, in fact, the dumbest creature I’ve ever met but I love you and I have no idea what you’re trying to communicate with me.” Sometimes, it’s finding joy in the trivial things that can really nurture your heart and soul.

This is just a teeny, tiny list of the random things that bring me joy everyday. If I really took the time to go through everything the Lord puts in my path that blesses me I would be typing forever. So, here’s my challenge for you...Make a list of a few random things that bring you joy and thank the Lord that he put them in your life.

I couldn't pick just one picture for this section!

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