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New Year, New Books #15: Six Hours One Friday by Max Lucado

Our lives are not futile. Our failures are not fatal. Our deaths are not final. ~Max Lucado

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I have a confession...I’m a church librarian and an avid reader yet I have somehow never read a book by Max Lucado. I don’t know how this has happened because we have 9,000 of his titles on the shelf but I’ve been lacking because Lucado is an incredible storyteller.

I’ll be honest. I am often drawn into a book by the title which is why I picked this copy off the giveaway shelf. It’s title seemed powerful and almost poignant and it was. The point of Lucado’s book is anchoring deep to the cross for the storms of life, with specific looks at life, failures and death which may seem very disheartening but was in fact quite uplifting. I found myself laughing AND crying as I read through the deep truths revealed on that Friday afternoon.

In his book, Lucado weaves together historical accounts with the modern narrative to bring to life the heart of the Gospel and the truths of our position in light of the cross and to ask the question, “What do those six hours hold for you?”.

As he so perfectly proclaims,

“Six hours on one Friday. Six hours that jut up on the plain of human history like Mount Everest in a desert. Six hours that have been deciphered, dissected, and debated for two thousand years.

What do these six hours signify? They claim to be the door in time through which eternity entered man’s darkest caverns. They mark the moments that the Navigator descended into the deepest waters to leave anchor points for his followers.

What does that Friday mean?

For the life blackened with failure, that Friday means forgiveness. For the heart scarred with futility, that Friday means purpose. And for the soul looking into this side of the tunnel of death, that Friday means deliverance.

Six hours. One Friday. What do you do with those six hours on that Friday?”

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