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New Year, New Books #16: Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs

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This is another one of those books titles that I have known for years but have never actually read. (In fact, this is a series.) I have read another fictional series by Liz called The Lowlands of Scotland series which is a fictional retelling of the story of Jacob, Leah and Rachel set in Scotland in the late 18th century and it was amazing so I knew I would enjoy this title! Truthfully, Liz has this incredible ability to weave biblical stories into modern tales that help you grasp the enormity of the lives of some of history's most memorable characters. I found this book to be no different.

In Bad Girls, we meet ten of the Bible’s most famous (and infamous) women, some of which were bad for a season and some who were just down right BAD! These women include Eve, Potiphar’s Wife, the Woman at the well, Delilah, Sapphira, Rahab, Jezebel, Michal and the Sinful Woman. Each faced temptation, poor choices, consequences and the chance for grace. (Sounds like my life…) Some took the grace and gift of God some didn’t. Regardless, their stories are so powerful and in spite of the several millennia that have passed they are still incredibly applicable. I laughed and cried at the sheer magnitude of God’s grace in their lives and mine.

Praise be to God that he has not changed his policy of mercy and grace in all these years. There is something reassuring about a prostitute (Rahab) being chosen for Jesus’ ancestry. Not placed by accident or by mistake but intentionally saved and listed among the lineage of Christ AND in the “hall of faith” located in Hebrews 11. (One of only two women, might I add!) If the Lord can use her testimony for his glory I have no doubt he can use yours as well!

Let me also say that Liz is very transparent about HER past as a “bad girl” and how the Lord redeemed her story and transformed her life into a powerful ministry. She is also very open about how she continues to fail and struggle like any one of us. I love when Christians aren’t afraid to be real and expose their shortcomings. Like, I enjoy the Apostle Paul’s writings but I truly love and relate to Peter. Peter was a hard-headed, big-mouthed screw up...that the Christian church was founded on!!! The Lord is in the business of using the unuseable and that makes me want to dance!

Overall, I found this book to be a delightful read and I look forward to reading other titles in the series.

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