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Show Me Your Friends

“Show me your friends, I will show you your future.” Our pastor at church has been teaching us some important guardrails to keep in our life regarding marriage, social media, and this past Sunday, friendships. These have been practical ideas to keep our lives points towards Christ, and away from things that put our hearts and minds in danger. Sunday, he preached on friendships and the importance of having friends who are like-minded, who will stand in the gap or the corner for you, and who will help grow your relationship with Christ. I think many people realized that those friends are few and far between, Facebook friends don’t count, those aren’t try, authentic friendships.

As you can imagine, Bailey is that friend to me. She is one I can call at 2:00am and she will be there in a heartbeat (if the phone wakes her up! Haha) She is one that challenges me, she prays for me specifically, she is honest with me when I need it, even if I don’t like the answer or the truth. She is the friend everyone needs! When I had surgery, she moved in with me and we joke, she kept me alive. She signed up for two weeks, and it ended up being about six, she gave up her entire summer to keep me company and make sure I was ok, she literally stood in my corner for that entire time.

Something Bailey and I had to get serious about together was our health. We would often lead each other astray, and by astray, I mean to the Pizza Hut buffet! We decided together, we would eat better, hold each other accountable with food and workouts, and be the healthiest versions of ourselves. It turned from being “let’s get skinny” to “let’s get healthy so we can be our best self” and that attitude change and mindset did it all! Together, we have lost close to 90 pounds, that is incredible! We feel better, have more energy, are more confident, and can be what Christ created us to be with our talents and gifts.

So, show me your friends, and I will show you your future!

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