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The BIG little Things

“There are a lot of little reasons why the big things in our lives happen.” ~ Ted Mosby (HIMYM)

Have you ever thought back on a seemingly insignificant moment of your life only to realize that moment literally determined your future? I LOVE moments like this! I love how the Lord weaves together the tiniest things, good and bad, to create this amazing life story. I love going back to old journals and reading my entry from the current date but years earlier. It’s fun to see the trivial things I was so worried about that amounted to nothing and the wonderful memories I’ve made but my favorite part is to see the hopes and prayers and little steps that were shaping my life without me realizing.

This is basically the premise for the television show “How I Met Your Mother”. Throughout the course of the series, Ted tells his kids the story of how he met their mother and all of the crazy little moments that turned out to be life changing. The ones that led to pineapples and goats and eventually a train platform in the rain. I think I enjoyed the series so much because of the way the creators wove together such an epic romance with simple, mundane tasks. This got me thinking about some of the small decisions (or non-decisions) that have led me to my current stage of life and how thankful I am that I don’t necessarily recognize the “big moments” when they are happening.

For example, had I not been in AP classes in high school I would not have met the friends that led me to attend William Carey University. Had I not rushed Pi Omega while at Carey I would have never met some of the greatest ladies I know, as well as one of my best friends and former roommate. Had I not taken that finance class the summer of my junior year, I wouldn’t have met the guy with answers in his textbook. I wouldn’t have struck up a friendship with said guy that eventually led to some MAJOR life changing decisions, including quitting my job which forced me to start substitute teaching to make ends meet. Had I not subbed I wouldn’t have met a secretary who convinced me that I was good with students and should pursue my teaching license. Had I not gotten my license exactly when I did I wouldn’t work at OGHS which means I would not work out at my gym or have some of my best friends or get to be involved with the organizations I love or most importantly, I wouldn’t be in my mission field. My life would be somewhere else completely!

It’s amazing how we worry so much about the big moments of life and yet it is often the little ones that truly make the difference. The small steps make the big progress! The good Lord in His wisdom does not let me realize that I’m in the midst of the important moments. Heavens knows I would screw something up! I mean think about it. Have you ever gone through a challenging season or surprising situation and realized it was best that you didn’t know what lay ahead of you? Hindsight really is 20/20. You can see clearly but I also know that there have been moments in my life where clear sight would have frozen me in fear. Fear of the challenge coming, fear of making the wrong choice, fear of failing.

Often our “blindness” is our greatest blessing. Think about it. Had I known I would graduate with a marketing degree and wouldn’t be able to find a job and would eventually pursue my teaching license, I would probably have switched my degree to education in the first place. Circumnavigate the problem, right? Wrong! Think what I would have missed. The friends, experiences and life lessons.

God’s plan is not haphazardly put together. He didn’t look up one day in shock to find me filling out job applications in tears. He knows every hair on my head so of course he knows every moment of my life. EVERY step you take is with your Father which gives me so much peace but knowing that the everyday little things can change your life excites me so much! I tend to worry when I feel like I’m in a rut because I feel stuck and yet the Lord’s amazing plan is always moving us forward I need only be obedient. So, take a moment to look back on the BIG little moments and be grateful that the Lord is always working out his plan in spite of our uncertainty, nervousness or failures. Be thankful for a Father who cares about all your moments...big or little.

And remember, your Father wants you to bring ALL your concerns to Him. We tend to think the Lord only cares about our big needs but that is simply not true. He wants to hear from you in everything. So talk to Him about your financial troubles and your health issues but also bring Him your concerns about the silly trivial things. Ask Him to give you a voice to speak to that attractive man instead of going mute when he smiles at you. Talk to Him about how you are desperately looking for a dress that makes you feel fabulous for your brother’s wedding rehearsal. Chat with Him about meeting new people at the Southern Miss football game. He is your Father, Friend and Counselor. He loves you so much and wants you to come to him with everything! ( “And if we really know he is listening when we talk to him and make our requests, then we can be sure that he will answer us.” 1 John 5:15)

Random Fact: Anytime I think something could be a “life changer” I write it down in my journal so I can look back and remember how something so insignificant was so important. I literally have entries that say, “I’m writing this down in case it is important later.” I try to keep up with when I meet new people or join new organizations or something different happens at work. I love looking back on the BIG little moments! Meetings that lead to roommates. Dinners that lead to best friends. Trips that lead to family and hellos that lead to love. All woven together to create a beautiful life.

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