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"Converse"ations with Meg

The Final 3 Months

October, November, and December, the final three months of every year, and in this case, the final three months of this decade. I feel like sometimes the final three months of every year get the best version of us with good attitudes with things to look forward too, fun decorations, glitter everyday (maybe that is just me), holidays to look forward too, parties and get- to-gethers, and just all around more fun and excitement in the air. I also feel like, and don’t come at me, that these last three months can get the worst version of us too. We may put off our workouts because we are just to busy shopping or cooking, we may give up on our smaller portions or our better eating habits because “it’s the holidays.” I feel like so many people sacrifice these last three months with the attitude of “Oh well, I will get back on track in January, it will be a new year, new me!” Let me challenge you not to do that. I am not saying you have to be super strict on yourself, but try and be more mindful. Instead of eating holiday leftovers for days at a time, enjoy it that day, then put it away or send it home with someone else. Instead of skipping workouts, try really hard to squeeze it in amongst the holiday fun! Don’t throw away 90 days with the intent of having to “start over” in January. Push yourself and challenge yourself for these last 90 days of the decade so you will be more than ready to take on 2020 with an attitude of accomplishment and excitement!

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