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"Converse"ations with Meg

Unexpected Friendships

I am at an age, late 30’s that rounds to 40, that can be complicated for friendships. At my age, most people are married, which can make girls days, or girls trips, or just hanging out a little more complicated. Do not get me wrong, I have some dear friends who are married, and I am friends with their husbands, but it can sometimes be a little more difficult to maintain those friendships as they have kids and different obligations than I do.

It has been a really exciting and refreshing thing as my Sunday School class has expanded, and some 30’s and 40’s single ladies have joined the crew. It can also be tough to form immediate connections with people, just people you share with or feel comfortable with, but within the last few weeks, that is what has seemed to happen. God has placed some genuine, real ladies in my life, ladies that I enjoy hanging with, who are like minded and share some of the same goals, and ladies who are easy to be around. This has been unexpected, but something I realize I maybe was missing a little bit! Married people often have couples they group with or couples they do things with on a regular basis, that is sometimes something single people can miss out on. Well for me, not anymore! It is really nice for God to show up and surprise us with a basic need, like minded people who are really fun to be around!

I am looking forward to the new year, and getting to grow closer to my new girls whether its within the walls of church, or junking at a thrift store!

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