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New Year, New Books #21: Making Sense of the Men in Your Life by Dr. Kevin Leman

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Little known fact, my freshman year in college my minor was psychology until I realized that required taking four years worth of courses with my least favorite professor of all time so I switched to public relations which is basically psychology in the world of marketing. That being said...y’all, I have fallen down a dark hole called the male psyche and I am loving it! It’s like a world of knowledge and possibilities have been opened to me and I don’t quite know what to do with myself.

After reading the books by the Feldhahns I was curious as to what another author’s opinion on the matter might be and as a trusted psychologist and Christian, Dr. Kevin Leman seemed like a great option to go with for my next jaunt. What made this book even more appealing, beyond the title, was the fact that this book didn’t just focus on your significant other. Dr. Leman covers four main categories of men including little boys, your father, your hubby and the men you have to deal with in the world outside. I have loved learning how to better relate to my future romantic interest and I hope to use this information for my benefit one day but what if I could also glean secret knowledge on how to deal with ALL men in my life? Sounded like a plan to me!

This is the first time I’ve read a book by Dr. Leman and I have to say I loved it. He is very funny and uses real life and totally relatable examples to drive home his points. He also doesn’t beat around the bush or gloss over uncomfortable topics but lays them out bare. After all, miscommunication is half the issue so let’s get rid of the barriers. I also found this to be a very quick read if you’re hoping to have a fix by Friday! (Ha!)

Here are a few of the big truths I walked away with…

  • Just like you still have that little girl in you, he still has the silly little boy...which is why potty humor never ceases to amuse men of all ages.

  • Testosterone isn’t a chemical. It’s a drug.

  • For better or worse, your father is the biggest influence on who you marry, even if you never met him.

  • Sex and sexual fulfillment are not the same thing and while the world says men want more sex they really want sexual fulfillment! And once again it is more tied to who he is as a person than you can imagine.

  • You can’t change the men you work with but you can use your knowledge to make it tolerable...sometimes.

  • Date with intention, date carefully and date within reality! Basically, don’t do missional dating.

In the end, I truly enjoyed reading Dr. Leman’s book and I may have to check out other titles in his collection (though I know many are geared towards parents and couples). Once again, if you are curious about what goes on in his head, give this a shot!

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