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My Mythicality: Eat Something That Scares You

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If you know anything about Rhett and Link, the authors of “The Book of Mythicality”, (Amazon) then you know they eat some pretty disgusting stuff on a regular basis on their daily YouTube show, Good Mythical Morning. Actually, their careers have somehow become wrapped up in a parade of congealed blood, guinea pig testicles and fish eyeballs. Nothing seems too off limits which makes for some very entertaining viewing. I totally get why this is one of their tenants of mythicality because it represents them so well and it’s an safe way to challenge yourself.

So, when I decided to personally attempt this challenge I had a bit of a time trying to figure out what would scare me that I could easily access here in South Mississippi. I’m not a picky eater. For, the most part, I’ll eat whatever is set before me because I was raised to try all kinds of goodies. I am the woman that bought my daddy Kangaroo burgers one year so I really had to get creative.

Then I had a thought. In my marketing classes we study the decades from the Victorians through the 1990s and discuss all aspects that could possibly impact business. We look at politics, celebrities, technology, fads, fashion, food and advertisements. To make these lesson a little more tangible I typically bring a food item from that decade that showcases the feel of the times. For example, in the Victorian age we have a Victoria Sponge. In the 1920’s we have my great grandmother’s ridiculously decadent pound cake. In the thirties we try Olivia Walton’s Applesauce Cake and in World War II we try SPAM. My students love to eat and I love to tie real life to what we are talking about.

Now, when we get to the 1960’s we view advertisements for some of the most horrendous gelatin concoctions man has ever seen and while I do make them eat a Jello fluff salad, I would never be cruel enough to force one of these jiggling savory towers on a group of teenagers. However, apparently, I was okay forcing it on myself because I realized I was afraid to eat something after all. Cold, gelatinous molded meat. I started my search for the perfect recipe and by perfect I mean cheap and doable. I found it in this beauty!

You know a recipe is going to be good when it is divided into two parts…meat layer and potato layer. The ingredients by themselves are nothing to sneer at but the best I can tell this recipe was created by some enterprising housewife who forgot she agreed to host super club until two hours before and decided to make do with what was in the pantry and let me tell you…90% of this thing is condiments! I am all for creative cooking but when you have to add gelatin to hold together, what would otherwise be the toppings on a hot dog, I got some issues!

I hate to inform you that I only took pictures of the final results. I know you are terribly sad that you couldn’t experience ever step of this with me but two main things stopped my photography session. One, I’m an abysmal photographer. My social media accounts are a testament to this and two, after about step three everything started to look like various forms of cat vomit so I figured no one was really missing out. (To be fair, the end result looks like cat vomit too so that must just be the aesthetic.) I’ll also say that I know these pictures need to be filtered, buffed and probably thrown away, however, I couldn’t not show you how beautifully I decorated my mold. They suggested using gherkins or olives. I went with both, after all, it’s the holiday season and what’s life without a little extra this time of year. I think it made all the difference!

I know what you really want to know…How did it taste? Truthfully, like condiments. Textures don’t bother me so that wasn’t an issue and I don’t mind SPAM every once in a while so that was okay as well. What got me was the ketchup! Can you believe that? Of all the crazy things thrown in this mix how was ketchup the worst? It was SO overpowering and for me one bite was enough. I’m really hoping German Shepherds like Jello molds because they will be the recipients of this beautiful masterpiece.

I’m going to be honest, in a decade known for boozy cocktail parties with things served on sticks I get why molded food was a hit. We were truly out of the depression and rebuilding of World War II and we were seeing new technological advances around ever corner. Everyone wanted to be creative and infuse some excitement into their lives. However, I don’t think jiggly tuna salad was truly the answer…maybe just stick to the Tang?

I know many of you will be wanting to make this for your upcoming holiday event so I'm kindly including the recipe!

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