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New Year, New Books #22: Understanding Your Man in the Mirror by Patrick Morley

(Formerly Titled “What Husbands Wished Their Wives Knew About Men)

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I think this will be my last foray into the male psyche in the New Year, New Books series. Overall, it has been really interesting and this book was a great way to round out my look at how men think. It has been nice to see this information through a variety of books with multiple authors and diverse personalities to truly understand what I’ve been missing.

In his version, Mr. Morley covers many of the same concepts as the other authors with similar views including:

  • Childhood and the effect a man’s father has on him, for better or worse.

  • What your husband needs from you and how he views his significance.

  • The obstacles men face and how that affects their view of self.

  • The pressures men are under and how best to help with those.

  • Work and why it plays such a HUGE part in their lives.

  • Temptation and how men try to handle those from day to day.

  • How physical intimacy translates to emotional intimacy for your husband.

  • You are your husband’s best friend even if he has difficulty communicating that fact (or any other).

  • The various ways men handle conflict and how to approach conflict from a biblical perspective.

  • Why your appearance is important to your husband and how that changes with age.

  • How your husband views and deals with fathering and the new pressures of this generation.

As compared to the books by the Feldhahns and Dr. Leman, this provides similar information but I prefer the other authors’ styles. Mr. Morley’s book was enjoyable but contained less humor and anecdotes as compared to the first three. However, if your husband or significant other has read “The Man in the Mirror” this would be a great companion to that experience. Also, it was helpful that each chapter ends with a section that you can ask your significant other to read if it is a topic you need to discuss with him or that you are uncertain of his feelings/response. Overall, it was an enjoyable read that I can recommend.

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