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My Mythicality: Become a Superfan!

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There are very few moments in my life that I have been a true superfan of anything. This could be because my favorite actors, actresses and (most) bands are dead. I was always the odd child in school because I didn’t know the lyrics to any song by Nelly but I did jam to Frank Sinatra and Chuck Berry as a middle schooler. And if you rode with me in high school you were forced to listen to an ever rotating mix of classic rock anthems by the likes of Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Guns and Roses and more. I mean I drove a Firebird. It felt like a requirement to rock out! My taste is so old school that my list of concerts include Jan and Dean, Motley Crue, David Cassidy and Olivia Newton-John...that is until recently when I finally got to see the one band of which I AM a superfan… HANSON! If you don’t know Hanson, you will probably remember their initial hit, “Mmmbop”. It was boppy and aggravating all at the same time. True bubblegum pop!

Let me tell you, this moment has been 22 years in the making. I vividly remember my mother waking me up early on a Saturday morning in 1997 to see these cute brothers with long hair singing their catchy little pop diddy. I was hooked! My poor mother didn’t know she had set her and my Daddy up for years of Tiger Beat, cassette tapes, posters, t-shirts and Eggo Waffles! I adored Hanson and dreamed of seeing them live but I never got the chance until now! This was truly a bucket list moment for me. I definitely screamed like a little girl and I may have cried a little...I may have cried a lot. I can’t remember.

See, not only did I get to see Hanson in concert, it was Christmas themed which is my FAVORITE time of year! This was like the perfect culmination of everything I love and I could not have been happier. Of course, as my resident up-for-anything friend, Meg kindly agreed to accompany me and what a trip it was. We stayed out way past our bedtimes and danced, horribly mind you, to anthems from our youth. The venue had a great vibe and the audience was an eclectic mix of grandmas in wheelchairs, young children being brought by their parents and the originals, like us, who are now in their 30s and 40s but can still have a good time but with more reasonable shoes and some Excedrin in the morning.

What made this such a great experience is that they are great performers and they understand their audience. I’ve been to concerts where bands play the music but they don’t really perform so you might as well have stayed at home and listened to the album. Hanson on the other hand really knows how to do a show. Also, they weren’t confused on who they were dealing with when it came to their repertoire. They played songs from their first album 22 years ago all the way to the new album they are releasing next year. They know the crowd favorites and seemed to enjoy playing them nostalgically as much as we enjoyed hearing them.

While it took days for me to recover from this event I would gladly go again and as they are going on tour again next year I hope to have the chance to see them once more. What can I say? HANSON FOREVER!!!!

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