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2020 Vision

I know that is a cheesy title but I had to do it! When will I have that opportunity again? But seriously, I just wanted to cast a little vision for what “Crowning Commentary” will contain in the coming year. I have truly enjoyed how much growth has occurred within the blog in 2019. Not only have I found personal enjoyment and fulfillment from writing “Crowning Commentary” but I have enjoyed hearing the feedback y’all provide. It’s fun to know you are out there reading the same books or going through similar seasons or attempting similar challenges. So with that mindset I have tried to be proactive in my view of 2020.

As of now this is what you can look forward to in the new year…

  • I intend on continuing and hopefully completing the “My Mythicality” series that I started three years ago. This series is based on “The Book of Mythicality” by Rhett and Link and contains tenants of what it means to be mythical. I have completed and written about several of these dares but to be truthful I slowed down because I reached the challenges that pushed me out of my comfort zone so in 2020 I intend on conquering some of those areas!

  • I have also compiled bucket list for each month with monthly themed tasks to complete. I think it gives a fun activity to look forward to but can also open up other ideas and experiences. Each month will have fifteen things to complete from manicures to thrift stores to recipes. I will include said list in case you want to join the fun.

  • I’ve also found self-care list for each season which is mostly about stopping to take the time to enjoy the quiet moments. I’m bad about jumping from one busy moment to the next without much thought and this will require me to slow down at points.

  • I’ve compiled some fun (potentially embarrassing) experiences to try throughout the year like fashion challenges, picture recreations and I might even try on an old prom dress or two.

  • Finally, of course, this blog wouldn’t be true to who I am if it didn’t include what the Lord is teaching me and some major introspection. I grew so much in 2019 that I am genuinely looking forward to what the Lord has in store for 2020.

I hope all of these sound exciting or at least entertaining to you. A new year always brings about enthusiasm and freshness as you look forward to what the next few months could have in store so as always I will take you along for the ride as we grow and change.

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