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"Converse"ations with Meg

The Perfect Day

As a teacher, I sometimes feel like I live for holidays so I can have the perfect day. You know, a day where I sleep in, get up refreshed and have a slow few cups of coffee while reading my bible, go for a run, make a nice healthy lunch, get lost in a book and another cup of perfect coffee, and end the night with a delicious, healthy meal and a good movie. For me, a perfect day is one I can shower and put my pajamas back on again. Fresh off of the holidays I realized, those days are so nice, but that maybe isn’t my perfect day. I had a few of those days and I felt myself watching the clock, texting Bailey to see what she was doing, and just waiting for the day to end.

Here is what I learned, my perfect day includes purpose. It includes me using my spiritual gifts and having an absolute reason to get up and go! I love getting to be a teacher, I love investing in students and getting to love on them throughout the day. It is so much fun getting to know them and seeing them learn and grow. I also love leading workout classes. It is hard and requires time, but being invested in people as they work to change their lifestyle is so rewarding. The reason I love these things is because I am wired for them. The Lord gave me certain gifts, the gifts of mercy, compassion, and encouragement. He wired me to invest in people, to love on people, and to want to see the good in people. People ask me all the time, “How do you do it?” teach all day then go workout and lead. I do it because Christ wired me to do it!

I have kind of learned, I am going to be tired and I am going to be worn down. Many days, I go home and I am in bed by 8:00. I used to be a little embarrassed by that, but now I see it is because I put so much into those around me during the day, I am smooth worn out at night! I have learned that a perfect day does not really exist, days can include fun and memorable things, but never perfect. I suppose having something close to the perfect day includes using your gifts, whatever they may be and just doing what you were meant for. I imagine being stuck in a routine of not doing what you were created for could get old, and frustrating. I encourage you to find your spiritual gifts, what Christ wants you to do, and do it with purpose! It makes the long days seem a little more like perfect days.

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