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Winter Self-Care Bucket List

Self-care is such an “in” word right now and the activities seem to range from therapy and yoga to a glass of wine and a Netflix marathon. I chose to go with a self-care list for each season that has easily doable but personally beneficial activities.

Get a Good Moisturizer/ Find a New Skin care Product

I’m always trying some new type of skin care because I think it’s fun and I’m a sucker for gimmicky items so this lines up nicely with what I was already going to do. I’m not great at using true moisturizers because I’ve always had crazy oily skin and yes, I know that you still need a moisturizer, but putting that on under my makeup causes a slip and slide issue. So, currently, I try to use some sort of moisturizing, serumy thing at night and I have recently become very concerned with the fine lines that have become prominent on my face in the last few years. Therefore, a product that confronts this issue is important to me and being that I’m willing to try the buzz products, I picked three products. One with hyaluronic acid and a two step system with Retinol A. No clue if they will actually combat my issues but they feel nice and make me feel like I’m doing something productive for my skin.

Find a New Hobby for the Year

I kind of cheated with this one but I have justification. There are several hobbies that I have done in the past that I truly enjoyed but due to being busy or just lazy I’m not taking part in them at this time. In fact, the only hobby I have right now is reading. So, with this thought I’ve decided to reopen the vault on several hobbies I’ve done in the past including Bible journaling, undertaking my life bucket list and continuing a project that I started in a psychology class 18 years ago. I may do updates on how I’m progressing during the year as a method of accountability.

Go on a Nature Walk

I’m going to be really honest. This has not happened yet because the weather is just not cooperating. If you live in South Mississippi or have ever visited in winter you know that the seasons are just a suggestion. Yesterday the high was 78 today the high is 51 and it has been raining for the last six months with no signs of stopping. I’m very fortunate that my parents live in a neighborhood with built in walking trails so as soon as Mother Nature decides to cooperate or I figure out how to build an ark, I will gladly partake in the beauty of God’s creation. Until then you will see me disgruntled in a raincoat.

Make a Self-Care/Sick Kit

This is something I’ve been meaning to create for ages now because I realized as a single person that when I get sick I either have to call someone to help or suffer alone. Now, I’m somewhat prepared for life’s basic illnesses. My kit includes a variety of meds, tissue, soup, crackers, lotion and lip balm that will get me to the point of not feeling like death warmed up.

Purge Your Closets

Go through your closets! I’m begging you to just do it. It takes forever and isn’t always fun but there are many benefits outside of giving you more space. More space is always great and necessary but it may also help you to recognize some health changes that need to be made or help you see the positive changes that the scale may not reflect. The last closet purge I did before this one left me amazed at how far I had come in my health journey but also how misinformed I had been about my own sizing. I literally had five to six different sizes in my closet which is insane.

Finally, when you purge your closet, please take those items that are gently loved to an organization where another person can benefit from them. I always take my clothing to the Baptist Association because I know they will pass on these items to others who will love them as much as I have.

Do a Self-Love and Introspective Blog Post

I feel like half of my blogging is introspective. In a lot of ways that is just how I function but if you are new and really wanting to read one of my extra, introspective posts might I suggest “Perfection” from October 7, 2019 or “My Mythicality: Isolate Yourself” from January 7, 2020.

Put Your Towels in the Dryer Before Your Bath/Try a New Tea/Workout Consistently

These are all things that were fun but I have very little reflection on outside of…

What’s the best method to get warm towels when you live alone? Do I run across the house naked, wet and cold to grab them out of the dryer fresh and warm or do I try to quickly bathe so the heat won’t dissipate from said warmed towels sitting on the counter waiting on you? Neither seem to work great for me because you know I tried both.

On the tea note might I say that if you don’t enjoy tea try adding cream and honey but also try a tea that isn’t “floral” which is what got me for years. For example, I CANNOT do Chamomile tea or Earl Gray because the smell alone gives me a headache and they taste like potpourri. I enjoy breakfast teas, chai mixes and other “spicy” flavors.

Finally, in regards to working out, it’s obvious why someone put this on a self care list for the winter because it’s such a new year’s thing to do but let me encourage you that if you haven’t made working out a priority or have fallen off of your resolution go ahead and start back even if it just means walking a few minutes a week. Start somewhere because your body will thank you more that you can imagine. That 45 minutes or an hour is so worth the benefits you will receive.

I enjoyed this season’s activities and have found that small moments of personal pampering can really put a star on your day and help you find the little joys along the way. If you would like to join me in my activities for spring you can find the list below!

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