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When it Rains, it Pours

Shout out to my boy Luke Combs for writing a song titled, “When it Rains, it Pours,” but shout out to my life this past week for letting me live it! In Luke’s song, he puts a twist on the old saying, that good things keep on coming his way, even after a breakup. My version of the song over this week would be the good ole’ traditional version, when things are bad, they just get “badder!” Now, I understand I am being dramatic and whiny, and please know I am blessed and loved and so thankful for even the rough times, but let me just entertain you a little with part of my Spring Break so far, and mind you, it’s just Tuesday. ☺

This past weekend, Bailey and Kristi and I took a girls trip to Atlanta to celebrate my Birthday coming up Friday! Now, this comes as the spread and panic of the Corona Virus is getting to be pretty serious. On our way to Atlanta, we Clorox wiped everything, washing our hands, and had baby wipes on top of baby wipes, we were prepared! We were supposed to tour the Braves Stadium (which to most sounds lame, but to me was a DREAM! I mean, going in to dugout, on the field, finding my favorite players lockers, I was PUMPED!) Well with the Corona, the tour was cancelled so we went on an incredible hike through Sweet Water Creek and it was beautiful and I was so proud of our stamina and athletic ability hiking a moderate to difficult labeled trail. A year ago, we all would have struggled so much! So while I was super disappointed about not getting to hunt down Ender Inciarte’s locker, the hike turned out to be amazing. So, this trip to Atlanta, and the not so good food I ate really ties into the hilarious, and point of this post, the explosion of my guest bathroom.

Monday morning, I went to the bathroom and while I am not trying to be graphic, please know, this was a serious trip to the bathroom. My stomach had not been feeling great from the fun food choices in Atlanta. The toilet needed to be plunged, whoops, so I did that, flushed and then it all got crazy! My toilet exploded, water came flooding out and ended up under the walls and into my living room. This was not just regular water; this was GROSS water. I ran and grabbed every towel I could to soak it up, but it just kept on coming. I got the living room cleaned up and sanitized, and about that time, Bailey rolls in. She was super helpful by laughing with and at me, throwing me towels as I was 2-3 inches into what we called “the poop water,” and getting me things I needed. I finally got the water up, the floor scrubbed clean and was getting ready to shower. Nope, more water. It came to a point that for about an hour, I was scooping water out of the toilet, into a bucket, to dump outside and keep off the floor. My dad showed up, and finally got it to stop dripping, leaving it for the plumber who would be here the next day.

So just a recap, a trip to Atlanta turned into a curveball, that same trip to Atlanta ended up leading to the explosion of my toilet, on top of hearing day after day, that we may not be going back to school. This should seem like a dream, an early summer vacation, but for me (and Bailey), teachers who teach because we adore our kids, this is gut-wrenching. Our gym, my safe space and my favorite place in the world, is closed. That is extra money I won’t make teaching, and just missing my workouts and my workout squads. My birthday is Friday, I had plans with mom and dad Thursday, golf plans and a huge milkshake with a friend Friday, and plans Saturday with my girl friends, all of these most likely not to happen because of he virus. When it rains, it pours right?

Now, here is what I truly know. God is not shocked by the Corona Virus, he is not shocked by our trip to Atlanta and not shocked by my toilet explosion. He is still on the throne and still loves and wants what is good for his people. Our study recently of Habakkuk came at such a perfect time. Habakkuk felt probably the uncertainty and fear that we are all feeling with this new, scary virus running rampant in our world. But he realized God is love, he is in control, and no matter what happens, he is on the throne. I will continue to pray for our countries leadership, this virus, and that somehow this panic could lead to Christians rising up and turning this nation back to Christ. I think over and over a song “I’ve seen you move, you move the mountains, and I believe, I’ll see you do it again.” This virus is a mountain, and sometimes in all seriousness, “when it rains, it pours” feels likes an impossible mountain. Take it to him, leave it at the alter, and watch him move it, sometimes in ways that you may never have expected!

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