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Bell Pepper Pizza

Everyone loves pizza, am I right? The only problem, is pizza sometimes has some added calories we may not need. I designed a pretty delicious, easy and quick bell pepper pizza, its not the cleanest, or most healthy thing ill post, but it's a better choice, and that's what its about, making better choices.

You Need:

Bell peppers

Mozzarella Cheese

Parmesan Cheese

Pizza Sauce or sliced fresh tomatoes

Italian Seasoning


Pepperonis and Mushrooms (or any pizza topping)


Heat the oven to 425

Slice the peppers (into large chunks) and add pepper and Italian seasoning

Put them in the oven for 12 minutes

Take them out, and add pizza sauce, cheese, and any pizza toppings you like to each chunk of pepper

Put them back in the oven for 9-10 minutes.

Take them out and ENJOY!

These seriously take about 25 minutes total to make, and are so yummy and a great substitute for pizza!

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