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October/November Favorites

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Hey y’all! These are 4 things I’ve been loving for the last few months and thought you might enjoy.


This is one of those things I’ve debated suggesting simply because TMI but I wish this had existed when I was a teen. What a blessing this would have been and how many awkward situations it might have solved. If you’ve never considered a menstrual cup I highly suggest thinking about it not just for the freedom it provides but for the economic and environmental impact. Brand wise, there are ten thousand options and I’ll be honest, the only reason I went with the EcoBlossom was because I could order it on Amazon and it was half the price of the Diva Cup. Different cups have different features and I just happened to luck out with this one. If you want to see someone try a variety and give their honest opinion, I suggest watching It’sJustKelli on YouTube. She has reviewed every possible menstrual product out there and gives helpful information that might influence you before you purchase.



I know I am late to this party but man, do I love these jeggings. My biggest issue when purchasing jeans is that I have no booty no matter how many squats I do so most traditional jeans hand on my rear. Jeggings are more flattering because they can more easily fit my tummy and behind at the same time but often you find they are made for 16-year-olds and ride down too low. My friends and I jokingly refer to these as the jeans for older women who aren’t ready to settle for mom jeans but can’t do the low rise. I wish I had tried these years ago! Also, they stay put which in my mind makes them AMAZING!

(OLD NAVY, $35)


I get my eyebrows done every time I go to the salon; however, my eyebrows sometimes grow like nobody’s business so I need to do something in between. I realize I can pluck them but that causes several issues. One, it makes me sneeze every time I pull a hair and two, the likelihood of me letting my hair grow out until plucking is useless is pretty high! This stuff doesn’t require strips and is pretty easy to use. Just be aware of where you are putting wax and don’t let it drip.


This is a favorite I have put off because I feel some sort of embarrassment about wearing extensions or corpse hair as my daddy calls it. The reason I love them is because they look natural (most of the time) and I don’t necessarily want everyone to stare at my hair…but I truly LOVE them! I’ve owned several different brands and truthfully the hardest part is matching the color. I do clip-ins so I can wear them when I want or even fix them the night before. In the picture (blonde, far right), you can see both my natural hair and my extensions and it looks pretty decent. My favorite part is that it looks like you tried but requires less effort than trying to make my hair look decent on its own.

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