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August/September Favorites

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Hey y’all! These are 5 things I’ve been loving for the last few months and thought you might enjoy.


I have used this stuff for years and I can’t believe I am just now talking about it! I was always skeptical of using BB cream because the few I had tried seemed to be more of a tinted moisturizer which made me feel greasier than I already am. However, this stuff is obviously different. Firstly, it comes out white with little purple beads in it that are apparently magic. Secondly, it changes color on your skin. Thirdly, it acts as a primer, tint, moisturizer and skin balancer. In fact, this stuff does such a great job at balancing out my not so great complexion that when I’m running late I use the BB cream, concealer and powder, instead of my usual multi-layer approach. If you are looking for a pretty cheap, all-in-one product give this a shot!


I love clothes but in the words of Meg Hogue, “I am ballin on a budget.” (#teacherlife) I also like to try trendier styles and can’t justify a high price tag for an item that I realize I look ridiculous in or one that won’t be in style next spring. In walks with a solution to my fashion dilemma. Swap is an online option to consignment shopping and similar to websites like ThredUp. The prices are always cheap and they have a variety of styles and sizes. My only complaint is how many results I get for searches at time. Like thousands of options…overwhelming! Also, you can filter based on condition which is really nice. I’ve purchased a $100 dress brand new for like $15. That’s a deal! Now, be warned some things are a dud simply because of fit or styling. They have a fairly easy return process but I think it’s just for credit if I remember correctly. Still worth the risk in my opinion.



This salad is DELICIOUS! I’m not a huge fan of restaurant salad because I find they’re not the greatest quality or far too expensive for something I can do at home. However, this salad has a great combo of flavors and textures which make it well worth the price. It contains chicken, cashews, bell peppers, carrots, edamame, wanton strips, a chili vinaigrette and peanut sauce. My favorite part of the salad is how they roast the veggies before adding them to the salad. It makes the salad crisp, fresh and flavorful. Also, nutrition wise, this salad is pretty good for a meal out.

(PANERA, $9)


Lash primer is a thing that has become a regular part of my routine. As I’ve stated before, my lashes suck so much and need as much help as possible. I’ve used several primers and I really like the Estee Lauder version but I know that price wise it’s kind of ridiculous for something that isn’t a “necessary” part of your routine. This primer is a great drug store option to use or to at least try out. Be careful because it can get clumpy looking.


My spirit animal is Elle Woods and I’m always trying to channel her in one way or another. This purse just SCREAMS Elle so I had to get it. Plus, it was the cheapest pink purse I could find in a decent size. It has several inside pockets and comes in multiple color options. (They no longer carry the exact one I have but they have the same style in a light pink and a different style in the hot pink.

Hot Pink: (Amazon)

Light Pink: (Amazon)

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